25 October 2014

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11:32 PMCounting Cars - Searching for Soul  : Danny is commissioned by Barry White's estate to find and restore the singer's Stutz IV Porte.
12:01 AMCounting Cars - McQueen for a Day  : Turning a 1968 Mustang Fastback into Steve McQueen's ride in ``Bullitt.''
12:31 AMCounting Cars - G-T-Whoa!  : A 1967 Pontiac GTO; Harley-Davidson Fat Boy; a 1968 Camaro SS 350.
1:01 AMCounting Cars - Deep Trouble  : Danny takes on his first boat; Plymouth Superbird; Danny goes all-in on a custom trike frame.
1:31 AMCounting Cars - Boiling Point  : A motorcycle pullover goes south; a woman brings in her recovered IROC-Z.
2:01 AMCounting Cars - Politically Correct  : Danny and Shannon honor fallen troops with a custom patriotic motorcycle; a 1971 Monte Carlo.
2:32 AMCounting Cars - Maxed Out  : Kevin and Horny Mike make an unauthorized purchase; Danny acquiries a Chevelle.
3:04 AMCounting Cars - Ultimate Challenge  : Danny spots a 1970 Dodge Challenger on a private road; 1963 Corvette; Horny Mike and Roli get lost.
3:33 AMCounting Cars - Searching for Soul  : Danny is commissioned by Barry White's estate to find and restore the singer's Stutz IV Porte.
4:02 AMShark Steam and Spray, the Recognized World Leader in Steam Cleaning!: Cleans wood and all hard floors. Disposable pads sanitize floors with no chemical residue.
4:30 AMPortable Cooktop: Faster, Safer and more Eco-friendly Cooking.
5:00 AMNever Fear Power Outages: Stand up to unpredictable weather and unforeseen outages with Generac - the most trusted name.
5:30 AMNever Rake Again!: Revolutionary outdoor power tools.
6:00 AMHumana Medicare Advantage Plans: The Medicare annual election period ends on December 7. Humana Medicare Advantage plans.
6:30 AM5 Star Cleaning Power and Performance - Shark Powered Lift-Away: No Loss Suction Vacuum - Dusting brush, Pet Upholstery Tool, Free Lifetime Warranty, Free Steam Mop.
7:00 AMHow Bruce Lee Changed the World: The life and legacy of the star of martial-arts films.
9:00 AMJesse James Blacksmith: Jesse James tracks down a rare 1930's race car engine and rebuilds it to go into a new bike.
11:00 AMAmerican Pickers - Frank's Big Shot: A salvage yard that's been in a family for generations; brass diving helmet; hood ornament.
12:00 PMAmerican Pickers - Motor City: The guys spot an interesting old Cadillac for sale; Frank falls for a deluxe Model A roadster.
1:00 PMAmerican Pickers - Duck, Duck, Moose: Dick's North Carolina warehouse; Frank gets a deal on a rare children's ride; brass-era car parts.
2:00 PMAmerican Pickers - Mama Knows Best: The guys stumble on an atomic-era spaceship clock; Junk Man Bob's huge collection.
3:00 PMAmerican Pickers - Cheap Pick: Cheap Trick guitarist Rick Nielsen opens the doors to his private rock'n'roll warehouse.
4:00 PMAmerican Pickers - Mountain Mayhem: A 135-year-old Colorado opera house packed with vintage Americana; a fellow picker's junkyard home.
5:00 PMAmerican Pickers - Not so Cheap Thrills: Terry's staggering scrap yard; coin-op kings Gary and John; old school peep show machines.
6:00 PMAmerican Pickers - Train Wreck: The guys pick in a house that's stacked to the ceiling with toys; Mike adds to his collection.
7:00 PMAmerican Pickers - Reverse the Curse: Frank takes a gamble on a set of vintage wheels; the guys uncover a flying saucer.
8:00 PMAmerican Pickers - Super Scooter: Mike and Frank close the deal on a rare Vespa Ape scooter; bus collection; tractor collector.
9:00 PMAmerican Pickers - Mole Man: Mike and Frank bet on who's the best picker; ``Mole Man'' Ron's 26-room underground lair.
10:00 PMAmerican Pickers - Frank's Gamble: After the guys discover a basement full of old cars, Frank makes a big offer for a 1939 Plymouth.
11:03 PMAmerican Pickers - 5 Acres of Junk: Mike and Frank travel to New Orleans and encounter an antiques dealer with a sprawling collection.
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