24 May 2015

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11:00 PMNaked and Afraid - Dunes of Despair  : A wilderness instructor and a go-getter battle hunger and dehydration in the sand dunes of Brazil.
12:00 AMNaked and Afraid - Mayan Misery  : Surviving a flooded jungle in Belize.
1:00 AMNaked and Afraid: Uncensored - Uncensored  : Survivalists are sent to Florida to face alligators, snakes and mosquitoes; the jungles of Mexico.
3:00 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
3:30 AMBedroom Fantasies: Androzene promotes male sexual health and nourishes the body.
4:00 AMBlade Fest: This unbelievable cutlery includes: 17 dealer half dozens, Black Dragon Katana carbon steel blade.
4:30 AMMake Her Climax: Medically recommended natural sex enhancer for Men!
5:00 AMFast Joint Relief: The answer for Joint Pain in a delicious drink!
5:30 AMBest Wheelbarrow Ever!: This 8-in-1 all-purpose lifter makes a back-breaking 300lb load feel more like 25lbs!
6:00 AMBody Beast!: Get the most advanced muscle-defining workout program, designed to get you completely ripped.
6:30 AM21 DAY FIX
7:00 AMKeith Urban The Player Series Guitar & Lessons: 30 Songs in 30 Days: Music superstar Keith Urban can teach you 30 songs in 30 days with his new guitar & lesson package!
7:30 AMInnovations Series
8:00 AMJoyce Meyer: Enjoying Everyday Life - You Have Got What It Takes: Being equipped for living the best life one can for God.
8:30 AMLook Good Naked: Ready for amazing results in just 3 weeks?
9:00 AMStreet Outlaws - Down From Chi-Town  : Trash-talking street racers from Chicago take on their Oklahoma City rivals.
10:00 AMStreet Outlaws - Shut Your Death Trap  : The Farmtruck returns with a new motor, and Chuck has his turbos lined out.
11:00 AMStreet Outlaws - Ova for Murder Nova?  : Chief and Shawn want to take over the list, but the others make it difficult.
12:00 PMStreet Outlaws - Small Tire Shootout  : Spanish Chuck puts on a Small Tire Shootout, where cars with small tire cars race.
1:00 PMStreet Outlaws - Gatekeeper Gate  : Big Chief calls a second race night in one week to defuse rising tensions between racers.
2:00 PMStreet Outlaws - Vocal Local Yokels  : The 405 goes head-to-head in a demolition derby; Farmtruck and AZN answer a callout.
3:00 PMStreet Outlaws - Hearse and the Wichita Curse  : Big Chief is called out by someone in Wichita, Kan.; racers take on Murder 56 and Superman.
4:00 PMStreet Outlaws - Let Them Eat Crow!  : As the season winds down, everyone makes a push to move up on the list.
5:00 PMStreet Outlaws - The Southeast's Fastest: Part 1  : Sixteen of the fastest racers in the Southeast square off, with their sights set on a $16,000 prize.
6:00 PMStreet Outlaws - The Southeast's Fastest: Part 2  : The remaining racers put their reputations on the line as they vie for the cash prize.
7:00 PMStreet Outlaws: Full Throttle - Not So Big Easy  : Chief organizes a nationwide call out; Kamikaze takes the El Camino off the list.
9:00 PMStreet Outlaws - She's a Good Girl  : Chief confirms another driver; Farmtruck and AZN play with the Mad Scientist's new toy.
10:00 PMFast N' Loud: Demolition Theater - I Fought the Outlaw  : Richard, Christie and Farmtruck and Azn from ``Street Outlaws'' watch viral videos.
11:00 PMStreet Outlaws - She's a Good Girl  : Chief confirms another driver; Farmtruck and AZN play with the Mad Scientist's new toy.
12:00 AMLocal Programming