17 August 2017

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11:30 PMJessie - Teacher's Pest  : Zuri is having problems with a teacher at school, so, Jessie decides to volunteer in her classroom.
12:00 AMStuck in the Middle - Stuck in the Garage Sale  : Hoping for enough money to buy a pool, the children work together to pull off a garage sale.
12:30 AMAndi Mack - Were We Ever?  : Andi, Buffy and Cyrus start a protest against an unreasonable new dress code.
1:00 AMGirl Meets World - Girl Meets Flaws  : When Farkle is picked on for not fitting in, Riley, Maya and Lucas rally him.
1:30 AMBest Friends Whenever - A Time to Travel  : Shelby and Cyd gain the power to travel back and forth through time.
2:00 AMJessie - Jessie Goes to Hollywood  : Christina Ross returns home just in time for Jessie to head to Los Angeles for a movie role.
2:30 AMJessie - New York, New Nanny  : Jessie accepts a job as a nanny and moves in with the Ross family.
3:00 AMDog With a Blog - Love, Loss and a Beanbag Toss  : Avery doesn't understand why Wes is keeping his distance, but ultimately learns he is moving away.
3:30 AMBizaardvark - Chocolate Bananas  : An embarrassing Bizaardvark video insights a Paige and Frankie moral dilemma.
4:00 AMStuck in the Middle - Stuck in the Garage Sale  : Hoping for enough money to buy a pool, the children work together to pull off a garage sale.
4:30 AMJessie - Someone Has Tou-pay  : Bertram's new toupee goes missing before his band's big performance; Jessie investigates.
5:00 AMJessie - Bye Bye Bertie  : Bertram reaches his wit's end and quits; the Ross family hires a new butler.
5:30 AMThat's So Raven - Boyz 'N Commotion: A bully challenges Raven to get a band to play at the school.
6:00 AMMickey Mouse Clubhouse - Mickey's Art Show: Goofy is unsure what kind of art to create for an arts and crafts show.
6:30 AMMickey Mouse Clubhouse - Aye, Aye, Captain Mickey: The gang gets on Professor Von Drake's new submarine to retrieve Mickey's lucky coin.
7:00 AMDoc McStuffins - Big Head Hallie; Peaches Pie, Take a Bath!  : Hallie becomes arrogant; Alma's new doll Peaches Pie.
7:30 AMPJ Masks - Super-Sized Gekko!; Take to the Skies, Owlette 
8:00 AMThe Lion Guard - Let Sleeping Crocs Lie  : The Lion Guard accidentally wakes a group of hibernating crocodiles; Scar tries to wreak havoc.
8:30 AMMickey and the Roadster Racers - Goofy's Gas!; Little Big Ape  : Goofy invents fuel to make the roadsters go faster; the Happy Helpers capture a gorilla.
9:00 AMPuppy Dog Pals - Leave it to Beavers; Counting Sheep  : Bingo and Rolly try to protect doghouse from a rainstorm; pugs help Bob count sheep.
9:30 AMElena of Avalor - Finders Leapers  : Esteban releases a magical elf-like creature who unleashes hundreds of other duendes on Avalor.
10:00 AMThe ZhuZhus - Zhu Got Game; And the Hammy Goes To 
10:30 AMHotel Transylvania: The Series - Curse Club; Casket if You Can  : Pedro desperately tries to throw a curse; Mavis loses a casket with Aunt Lydia resting inside.
11:00 AMBunk'd - Fog'd In  : A strange, toxic fog overtakes Camp Kikiwaka causing the campers to develop altered personalities.
11:30 AMStuck in the Middle - Stuck in a Good Deed  : Harley and Suzy volunteer at a local retirement community.
12:00 PMAndi Mack - Dancing in the Dark  : Bex gets Andi to host her first-ever dance party at their house.
12:30 PMBizaardvark - The First Law of Dirk  : Paige convinces Dirk to stop being a daredevil; Kirk thinks his brother is broken for good.
1:00 PMAustin & Ally - Comebacks & Crystal Balls  : Austin visits a fortune teller that convinces him something bad will happen during his concert.
1:30 PMJessie - Lights, Camera, Distraction!  : Jessie participates in a film festival; egos clash when she enlists the help of the other kids.
2:00 PMHigh School Musical: Students conspire against two teenage singers.
3:50 PMHigh School Musical 2: A teenager befriends members of a wealthy family while working at a country club.
5:45 PMBunk'd - There's No Place Like Camp  : Xander and Ravi discover that Jorge is homesick so they recruit Emma, Tiffany and Zuri to help.
6:10 PMJessie - But Africa is So...Far!  : Convinced that Jessie is going to Africa to reunite with Brooks, the kids plan to stop her.
6:35 PMK.C. Undercover - Web of Lies  : K.C. believes that someone tampered with her SAT test; Marisa expresses interest in becoming a spy.
7:00 PMK.C. Undercover - Teen Drama  : K.C. and Marisa struggle to make amends; Marisa wants a recommendation for The Organization.
7:30 PMBizaardvark - Bizaardvark vs Vicki Hot Head Fuego  : Paige and Frankie decide to start a fake feud with 13-year-old MMA fighter Vicki Fuego.
8:00 PMStuck in the Middle - Stuck in the Beast-Day Party  : Harley throws Beast an epic party that causes a rift between the twins.
8:30 PMBunk'd - Food Fight  : The counselors and the CITs compete after the kids are challenged to cook dinner.
9:00 PMBizaardvark - The Doctor Will See You Now  : Frankie finally gets to spend some quality time with her dad.
9:30 PMAndi Mack - It's Not About You  : Andi learns that Buffy confides in Bex; Cyrus double-dates with Jonah Beck, Amber and her friend.
10:00 PMK.C. Undercover - Collision Course  : The Coopers go under cover in a biker club; K.C. claims she saw her evil cousin Abby.
10:30 PMK.C. Undercover - Family Feud  : K.C. and her family find themselves in an epic spy showdown versus The Other Side.
11:00 PMBunk'd - Zuri Weasels Out  : Hazel makes Zuri a counselor in training in the weasel cabin, much to Hazel's dismay.
11:30 PMJessie - To Be Me or Not to Be Me  : Zuri has to pull off Jessie's first big acting part after she and Jessie switch personalities.
12:00 AMLocal Programming