28 August 2014

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11:00 PMAlaskan Bush People - Human Wolf Pack  : The Brown brothers must step up in the building of the cabin.
12:00 AMIce Lake Rebels - The Lake is a Bear  : Randy enters ice carving contest; Stephan and Allyce's home has no power; Molly gives up city life.
1:00 AMAlaskan Bush People - Raised Wild  : A unique family builds a small shack in the Alaskan bush in which the nine of them will sleep.
2:00 AMAlaska Wildlife Troopers: Wildlife Troopers headquartered in Fairbanks patrol a region that covers most of western Alaska.
3:00 AMFatal Attractions - My Sister the Lion: Two families are torn apart by one member's choice to keep big cats close at hand.
4:00 AMInfested! - Spiders, Snakes and Ants  : A woman falls ill after being bitten by one of the thousands of spiders in her new home.
5:00 AMMonsters Inside Me - Shape Shifters: A factory worker begins to go blind; a local restaurant starts an outbreak involving a parasite.
6:00 AMOrangutan Island - Sink or Swim: A flash flood prevents Hamlet from reaching his feeding platform.
6:30 AMEscape to Chimp Eden - Growing Pains for the Infants: Jao's family is moved into the old adult enclosure, which offers more room to explore.
7:00 AMBig Cat Diary - The Aftermath: A leopard and cub are missing; aggressive baboon; a lion cub plays.
7:30 AMBig Cat Diary - Challenge on the Marsh: A lion cub challenges a larger male for a meal; Safi is found; cheetah stalks Amber's daughter.
8:00 AMThe Crocodile Hunter - Steve and the Dragon: Steve comes face-to-face with a Komodo dragon, the world's largest lizard.
9:00 AMDirty Jobs - Mule Logger: Mike joins forces with a barrel-maker.
10:00 AMDirty Jobs - Penguin Keeper: The art of concrete stamping; caring for penguins.
11:00 AMDirty Jobs - Bell Maker: Mike makes giant bells at the McShane Bell Foundry.
12:00 PMDirty Jobs - Mosquito Control Officer: Mike helps New Orleans residents restore and rebuild.
1:00 PMDirty Jobs - Chicken Busters: Mike spends the day chasing feral chickens and chicks off the streets of Miami.
2:00 PMDirty Jobs - Woolen Mill Operator: Mike makes yarn from fleece at Ohio Valley Natural Fibers; Mike helps wax at a day spa.
3:00 PMDirty Jobs - Wetland Warrior: Mike acts as a fugitive evading bloodhounds; combating invasive species in the Florida Everglades.
4:00 PMDirty Jobs - Cranberry Farmer: Mike Rowe makes bricks by hand in South Carolina and masters the art of cranberry farming in Oregon.
5:00 PMTreehouse Masters: Out on a Limb - Black Bear Bungalow  : Pete shares his behind the build stories on the Black Bear Bungalow in Farmington, PA.
6:00 PMTreehouse Masters: Out on a Limb - Mile High Mancave  : Pete gives us the inside scoop on the ''Mile High Mancave'' in Malakoff, Texas.
7:00 PMTreehouse Masters: Out on a Limb - Record High Recording Studio  : Pete gives you the inside scoop on the 'Record High Recording Studio' built for Bear Creek Studios.
8:00 PMTreehouse Masters - International  : Pete travels to Japan to visit his longtime friend, master treehouse builder Takashi Kobayashi.
9:00 PMRedwood Kings: Cut Masters - Gold Rush Roadhouse 
10:00 PMRedwood Kings - Playhouse of Dreams  : The twins carve out an elaborate playhouse for a client's daughter in the California Bay Area.
11:00 PMTreehouse Masters: Out on a Limb - Treetop Taphouse  : A brewery-in-the-sky, barn themed tavern is built for an Ohio family complete with brewing system.
12:00 AMLocal Programming