27 April 2015

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11:40 PMGodsend: A scientist clones a couple's dead son, but the boy behaves strangely after his eighth birthday.
1:30 AMPatrick: A comatose man uses his psychic powers to manipulate an innocent nurse.
3:10 AMRestoration: A 1600s hedonist's marriage to the king's lover is platonic.
5:10 AMThe Battle of Shaker Heights: Two teenage friends re-enact military conflicts.
6:30 AMIgor
8:00 AMThe Dust Factory: A mute teen talks to his grandfather in a fantasy world.
9:40 AMAs Cool as I Am: A teen discovers that her parents' marriage is not as strong as she once thought.
11:15 AMRushmore: A teenager and a jaded tycoon vie for a teacher's affections.
1:00 PMGod's Pocket: A man is caught between a rock and a hard place when he tries to conceal his stepson's death.
2:30 PMMercury Rising: An FBI renegade protects an autistic boy.
4:30 PMKelly & Cal: An unhappy new mother bonds with a teen who uses a wheelchair.
6:20 PMAngels of Darkness: Lara's psychic wounds cause a living nightmare that consumes an entire town.
8:00 PMByzantium: Fugitive female vampires take refuge at a seaside British community.
10:00 PMMercury Rising: An FBI renegade protects an autistic boy.
12:00 AMLocal Programming