1 September 2015

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11:15 PMOne Day in Auschwitz: Kitty Hart-Moxon returns to Auschwitz, seventy years after her liberation, to talk to students.
12:05 AMFinding Vivian Maier: The life and work of career nanny Vivian Maier and her amazing collection of 100,000 photographs.
1:30 AMThe Plague: Fascists fill a South American stadium to isolate a plague; based on the Camus novel set in Algeria.
3:30 AMQuicksand: An American banker in Monaco turns to a washed-up actor for help after he is framed for murder.
5:05 AMThe Railway Man: Former POW Eric Lomax and his new wife go in search of the Japanese interpreter who tortured him.
7:00 AMKelly & Cal: An unhappy new mother bonds with a teen who uses a wheelchair.
9:00 AMNo No: A Dockumentary: Baseball's Dock Ellis pitched a no-hitter while high on LSD and later became a counselor.
10:45 AMWalking Tall: A sheriff and a deputy try to rid their town of thugs.
12:15 PMThe Way: An American father travels to France to claim the body of his estranged son.
2:20 PMStreetDance: Ballet dancers and street dancers must learn how to step out in harmony.
4:00 PMStreetDance 2: Ash gathers the best dancers from around the world for a rematch against the Invincible crew.
5:30 PMWalking Tall: A sheriff and a deputy try to rid their town of thugs.
7:00 PMIdlewild: A piano player and another performer try to keep their speakeasy out of hoodlums' hands.
9:00 PMRay: Ray Charles overcomes hardships to become a legend.
11:35 PMDave Chappelle's Block Party: Dave Chappelle treats some fellow Ohioans to a concert in Brooklyn, N.Y.