27 September 2016

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11:30 PMFoul Play: Policeman guards librarian aware of plot to kill pope.
1:30 AMThe Three Musketeers: D'Artagnan and company foil plot to besmirch queen. Based on the novel by Alexandre Dumas.
3:30 AMThe Gumball Rally: A businessman, his rival and other speed lovers enter an outlaw coast-to-coast car race.
5:30 AMThe Frisco Kid: A greenhorn Polish rabbi goes cross-country to San Francisco with a Wild West bank robber.
7:30 AMI'll Cry Tomorrow: 1930s singer/actress Lillian Roth hits bottom after bad marriages, then joins Alcoholics Anonymous.
9:45 AMLightning Strikes Twice: An actress staying at a Texas dude ranch loves a man suspected of killing his wife.
11:30 AMShadow of Doubt: A Hollywood producer's murder makes a young man who loves the victim's fiancee the prime suspect.
1:00 PMThe Hard Way: A scheming small-town woman uses men to get her sister-in-law on Broadway.
3:00 PMThe Star: Has-been Oscar-winner starts over with boatbuilder.
4:45 PMThe Velvet Touch: A stage actress kills the producer who made her a star, then sees another actress blamed.
6:30 PMSlander: A scandal-sheet publisher smears a TV performer who refuses to be blackmailed by his past.
8:00 PMThe Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!: A blundering Los Angeles detective and his boss foil a plan to assassinate Queen Elizabeth.
9:45 PMTop Secret!: In a spoof of spy movies, a rock star helps a woman free her scientist father from fascists.
11:30 PMAnchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy: A 1970s newsman feels threatened by a female employee.