26 January 2015

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10:00 PMThe Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie: Bizarre events frustrate an ambassador, his wife and friends, hoping to dine in Paris.
12:00 AMDiary of a Chambermaid: A Parisian woman goes to work for a decadent family at an estate in 1920s France.
2:00 AMViridiana: A would-be nun visits her rich uncle, who drugs her, and everything gets surreal.
3:45 AMThe Exterminating Angel: Lack of will confines a surreal party of rich people to their host's house.
5:30 AMElvis Mitchell: Under the Influence - John Leguizamo
6:00 AMThe Get-Away: An undercover FBI agent falls for an escaped gangster's sister.
7:45 AMApache Trail: Two brothers weather an Indian uprising over the theft of a peace pipe.
9:00 AMThe Bugle Sounds: An old cavalry sergeant fights sabotage as well as anything Army running on fossil fuel.
10:45 AMEyes in the Night: A blind private eye with a guide dog probes a murder for a friend and finds a Nazi spy ring.
12:15 PMMokey: A mischievous 9-year-old rebels against his father's new wife.
1:45 PMGentle Annie: A U.S. marshal befriends two train robbers, their mother and a stranded waitress in 1901 Oklahoma.
3:15 PMFaithful in My Fashion: A soldier home on leave learns his sweetheart got a promotion and engaged to another man.
4:45 PMA Yank at Eton: A rowdy American boy's British stepfather puts him in a stuffy prep school.
6:30 PMCondemned Women: A prison psychologist takes the case of a wronged woman inmate whom he meets by the furnace.
8:00 PMThe Candidate: An image maker grooms the son of a political boss for a token bid in a U.S. Senate race.
10:00 PMAll the President's Men: The Washington Post's Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein tie the Watergate break-in to the White House.