6 May 2015

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11:00 PMConan: Actor Chris O'Dowd; actress Alicia Vikander; rock duo Best Coast.
12:00 AMYour Family or Mine - Christmas in July  : Ricky's annual summer Christmas photo; an untainted urine sample for Louis' life insurance physical.
12:30 AMConan: Actor Chris O'Dowd; actress Alicia Vikander; rock duo Best Coast.
1:30 AMCougar Town - When the Time Comes: Jules wants to host a ``romantic'' Thanksgiving with Grayson.
2:00 AMThe Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor: Rick O'Connell and his family fight an ancient emperor bent on world conquest.
4:30 AMAmerica's Funniest Home Videos: A Thanksgiving turkey goes up in flames during a kitchen mishap.
5:30 AMMarried ... With Children - Pump Fiction: Al helps Kelly make a documentary on shoes for her acting class.
6:00 AMRules of Engagement - Snoozin' for a Bruisin': Jeff accidentally clocks Audrey in the face after they switch sides of the bed.
6:30 AMMarried ... With Children - Radio Free Trumaine: Marcy protests an expulsion at Bud's college, where the dean is ex-husband Steve.
7:00 AMMarried ... With Children - A Shoe Room With a View: Al gets more women than he can handle when an aerobics studio opens next door.
7:30 AMMarried ... With Children - Guess Who's Coming to Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner: After leaving her husband (Tim Conway), Peggy's mother takes refuge with the Bundys.
8:00 AMMarried ... With Children - Requiem for a Dead Briard: Buck passes away, leaving a heartbroken Kelly to find a new pet.
8:30 AMThe Scorpion King: A warrior unites with a band of nomads to battle an evil ruler and a beautiful sorceress.
10:30 AMSeinfeld - The Subway: Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer have unique experiences on their subway rides.
11:00 AMSeinfeld - The Pez Dispenser: George worries over gaining the upper hand in his current romance.
11:30 AMThe Cleveland Show - Jesus Walks: Cleveland Jr. goes on a church trip to impress the girl he likes; Donna's ex returns from Iraq.
12:00 PMAmerican Dad - For Whom the Sleigh Bells Toll: Despite Francine's warning, Stan gives Steve a gun for Christmas; Steve accidentally shoots Santa.
12:30 PMAmerican Dad - Fartbreak Hotel: The Smith family moves into a hotel after Roger releases lethal gas into their home.
1:00 PMAmerican Dad - Stanny Boy and Frantastic: Stan and Francine's predictable lives get a shot of adrenaline when they befriend a young couple.
1:30 PMAmerican Dad - A Piata Named Desire: Roger asks Stan to attend an acting class; Steve and his friends plan a slumber party.
2:00 PMFamily Guy - Prick Up Your Ears: Lois teaches a sex-ed class at the high school when she learns Chris has some incorrect information.
2:30 PMThe King of Queens - Strike One: Doug buys a new car against Carrie's wishes and regrets it almost immediately.
3:00 PMThe King of Queens - Strike Too: Doug substitutes as a teacher at Stephanie's school during a strike.
3:30 PMThe King of Queens - Strike Out: The IPS strike continues and Carrie arranges a play date for Doug.
4:00 PMFriends - The One With Joey's New Brain: Joey informs a cast member (Susan Sarandon) that she will be fired.
4:30 PMFriends - The One With the Truth About London: Monica shares a startling revelation about her and Chandler's London trip from years ago.
5:00 PMFriends - The One With the Cheap Wedding Dress: Monica competes with another bride for a discount wedding dress.
5:30 PMFriends - The One With Joey's Award: Joey resorts to theft when his ``Soapie'' nomination doesn't yield a legitimate win.
6:00 PMSeinfeld - The Marine Biologist: George poses as a marine biologist while on a date with a former college classmate.
6:30 PMSeinfeld - The Dinner Party: Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer search for something to take to a dinner party.
7:00 PMSeinfeld - The Pie: A date's refusal to eat pie obsesses Jerry; a mannequin resembles Elaine; guest Lane Davies.
7:30 PMSeinfeld - The Stand-In: Kramer is a stand-in on a soap opera; George wants to break up with a girlfriend.
8:00 PMFamily Guy - Chick Cancer: Stewie marries his old friend Olivia; Lois introduces Peter to chick flicks.
8:30 PMThe Big Bang Theory - The Proton Displacement: When Professor Proton asks Leonard for help with an experiment, Sheldon befriends Proton's rival.
9:00 PMThe Big Bang Theory - The Itchy Brain Simulation: When a mistake comes to light, Sheldon punishes Leonard; Penny decides to confront Raj's ex.
9:30 PMThe Big Bang Theory - The Thanksgiving Decoupling: When the gang decides to spend Thanksgiving at Mrs. Wolowitz's house, Sheldon protests.
10:00 PMThe Big Bang Theory - The Discovery Dissipation: Amy and Leonard try to help Sheldon deal with his shame; Raj stays with Bernadette and Howard.
10:30 PMThe Big Bang Theory - The Cooper Extraction: While Sheldon is in Texas, the rest of the gang realize how much he has changed their lives.
11:00 PMConan: Actress Helen Hunt; actor/comic Nick Swardson; rock band They Might Be Giants.
12:00 AMLocal Programming