17 January 2017

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11:00 PMInside the NFL - 2016: Week 19: Highlights from the nineteenth week.
12:00 AMSaw III: A captive doctor becomes a pawn in the Jigsaw Killer's latest gory game.
2:00 AMTears of the Sun: A Navy SEAL and his squad try to protect a doctor and Nigerian refugees from ruthless rebels.
4:15 AMFlyboys: Several Americans volunteer for the French military before the U.S. enters World War I.
6:45 AMAll Things Must Pass: The history of Tower Records, from its rise and fall to the legacy forged by founder Russ Solomon.
8:30 AMPlay It Forward: The lives of former NFL tight end Tony Gonzalez and his older brother Chris.
9:45 AMThe Virgin Suicides: Men reminisce about sisters whose parents quarantined them after one of the five killed herself.
11:30 AMDeath Warrant: An undercover officer investigates murder and mayhem in a prison where kickboxing comes in handy.
1:00 PMZero Days: The possible origins of the malware worm Stuxnet, which was deployed against Iranian centrifuges.
3:00 PMLast Knights: A fallen swordsman leads a small army against a sadistic ruler to avenge his dishonored master.
5:00 PMSchool for Scoundrels: A meter-reader enrolls in a confidence-building class to win the gal of his dreams.
6:45 PMThe Hurt Locker: Members of an elite bomb squad pull hazardous duty in Iraq.
9:00 PMHomeland - Fair Game: Carrie and Franny return to the United States; Dar and Saul debrief the president-elect.
10:00 PMBridge of Spies: Lawyer James Donovan tries to negotiate a prisoner exchange for captured pilot Francis Gary Powers.