30 March 2017

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11:44 PMMarried ... With Children - Peggy and the Pirates: Peggy imagines herself a lady in distress and Al her pirate savior.
12:15 AMAll in the Family - The Saga of Cousin Oscar: The Bunkers face a touchy and tragic situation when a visiting relative dies in their home.
12:47 AMAll in the Family - Gloria Poses in the Nude: A highly respected abstract artist specializing in nudes asks Gloria to pose for him.
1:18 AMAll in the Family - Archie in the Lock-Up: Mike and Lionel participate in a student protest, but it's Archie who winds up in jail.
1:49 AMAll in the Family - Flashback: Mike Meets Archie: The Stivics and the Bunkers recall Mike's introduction to his future father-in-law.
2:20 AMAll in the Family - The Election Story: Mike and Archie clash over a local election.
2:47 AMAll in the Family - Edith's Accident: Edith leaves a note after denting a parked car.
3:15 AMAll in the Family - Edith's Problem: Edith's erratic behavior puzzles everyone.
3:42 AMAll in the Family - The Blockbuster: Archie jumps at a $35,000 offer to sell his house to a black buyer.
4:10 AMFinding Prince Charming - Appetite for Love  : Robert has to decide which suitors are playing a game and which ones are playing for keeps.
5:05 AMFinding Prince Charming - Man Behind the Mask  : The suitors unmask their true selves to Robert and what they reveal could change everything.
6:00 AMFinding Prince Charming - What About Robert  : The remaining guys are put to the test to see which of them knows Robert best.
7:00 AMSoap: After Jessica and Corinne threaten him, Peter is slain.
7:30 AMSoap: Burt goes to Peter's apartment intending to invite him to a party, but is shocked by what he finds.
8:00 AMSoap: Sheriff Tinkler makes an arrest in the Peter Campbell murder.
8:30 AMSoap: Danny wants to surprise Lefkowitz; a mystery woman arrives.
9:00 AMSoap: Ingrid is Corinne's mother; the sheriff makes another arrest.
9:30 AMThe Facts of Life - All or Nothing: Jo faces battles when elected to the school board.
10:00 AMThe Facts of Life - A Death in the Family: Natalie's father dies unexpectedly.
10:30 AMThe Facts of Life - Big Fish, Little Fish: Blair can't deal with Jo's increasing popularity.
11:00 AMThe Facts of Life - Star at Langley: A movie actress attending Langley pursues Cliff.
11:30 AMThe Facts of Life - Dream Marriage: Blair dreams of the future for herself and her friends.
12:00 PMThe Facts of Life - Mother and Daughter: Tootie and her mother seem unable to communicate.
12:30 PMThree's Company - In Like Larry: Jack moves out and Larry moves in.
1:03 PMThree's Company - Teacher's Pet: The niece of the cooking-school dean pursues Jack.
1:35 PMThree's Company - And Baby Makes Four: Janet and Jack think Cindy is pregnant.
2:08 PMThree's Company - The Night of the Ropers: The roommates try to patch up the feuding Ropers.
2:40 PMThree's Company - Double Trouble: Jack poses as his own twin to court Ralph's niece.
3:13 PMThree's Company - Dying to Meet You: A woman's jealous boyfriend threatens Jack.
3:45 PMRoseanne - Single Married Female: Dan is burdened with the knowledge that Jackie is going dancing with a man other than Fred.
4:18 PMRoseanne - Husbands and Wives: Fred considers returning to Jackie; Roseanne and Dan rekindle romance.
4:50 PMRoseanne - Happy Trailers: Mark and Becky move into a tacky trailer park and get a drunken neighbor (Sharon Stone).
5:23 PMRoseanne - The Blaming of the Shrew: Fred and Jackie consult a marriage counselor (Ellen DeGeneres).
5:55 PMRoseanne - The Birds and the Frozen Bees: Roseanne reunites Darlene and David; D.J. experiments with insects.
6:28 PMRoseanne - Couch Potatoes: Pregnant Roseanne's nesting instinct disrupts the household's routine.
7:00 PMThree's Company - No Children, No Dogs: Larry gives Jack and the girls a puppy even though Roper doesn't allow pets.
7:32 PMThree's Company - Jack the Giant Killer: Jack feels guilty about not standing up to a tough guy who makes a play for Chrissy.
8:03 PMThree's Company - It's Only Money: The roommates fear the rent money has been stolen.
8:35 PMThree's Company - Ground Rules: Jack and Chrissy walk in on Janet while she is entertaining a date.
9:06 PMThree's Company - Jack Looks for a Job: Jack's modeling job requires him to pose nude.
9:38 PMThree's Company - Janet's Promotion: Janet loses a promotion to a voluptuous candidate.
10:09 PMThree's Company - Chrissy's Date: Jack and Janet learn Chrissy's beau is married.
10:41 PMThree's Company - Roper's Car: Roper thinks he sold the roommates a classic car.
11:12 PMThree's Company - Chrissy's Night Out: Jack defends Chrissy's honor when a man follows her home from a bar.
11:44 PMThree's Company - Stanley Casanova: Mr. Roper is suspected of seeing another woman.
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