7 December 2016

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11:31 PMAt Midnight With Chris Hardwick - Mamrie Hart; Jon Gabrus; Joe Randazzo  : Mamrie Hart; Jon Gabrus; Joe Randazzo.
12:01 AMSouth Park - The End of Serialization as We Know It: Cartman finally understands why Heidi wants him to get to Mars.
12:33 AMFuturama - Three Hundred Big Boys: The gang finds wacky ways to spend extra money from a refund.
1:05 AMLegends of Chamberlain Heights - 25th Hour  : Grover is prepares for the biggest moment of his high school basketball career.
1:37 AMThe Daily Show With Trevor Noah - Brian Tyree Henry  : Actor Brian Tyree Henry.
2:07 AMAt Midnight With Chris Hardwick - Mamrie Hart; Jon Gabrus; Joe Randazzo  : Mamrie Hart; Jon Gabrus; Joe Randazzo.
2:35 AMSaturday Night Live - Ariana Grande: Ariana Grande hosts and performs.
3:35 AMSouth Park - Spontaneous Combustion: Stan's dad must discover why South Park residents are exploding.
4:05 AMSouth Park - City on the Edge of Forever: The South Park Elementary school bus crashes.
4:35 AMComedy Central Presents - Lizz Winstead: Comic Lizz Winstead discusses topics such as weapons of mass destruction, Medicare and unemployment.
5:00 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
5:30 AMFacelift in Minutes at Home: Conture, the miraculous anti-aging system, allows you to look younger in minutes in your home.
6:00 AMStop Getting Up To Go To The Bathroom!: Prosvent is a doctor formulated blend of rejuvenating herbs and nutrients.
6:30 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
7:00 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
7:30 AMBody Beast: Get completely ripped and chiseled in just 90 days.
8:00 AMPerricone MD Cold Plasma Sub-D: One's neck can make someone look too old; looking visibly younger with Cold Plasma Sub-D.
8:30 AMTry Total Gym for $14.95: Total Gym Fit is the only piece of fitness equipment you need to get into the best shape.
9:00 AMComedy Central Presents - Ben Bailey: Comic Ben Bailey gives his opinions on the weather and discusses offensive odors.
9:20 AMJackass 3D: Johnny Knoxville and his pals perform more outrageous pranks and stunts.
11:30 AMSouth Park - Jakovasaurs: While camping, the boys discover the last two living Jakovasaurs.
12:03 PMSouth Park - The Ring: Kenny takes his girlfriend to a Jonas Brothers' concert.
12:35 PMTosh.0 - Wheel of Fortune: Daniel channels his inner game show host; Daniel makes up a musical; a government cover-up.
1:05 PMTosh.0 - Spoken Word Fail: Daniel helps a religious rapper reclaim his throne; there's no such thing as stupid questions.
1:35 PMTosh.0 - How to Flirt Guy: Daniel gives out free medical advice and gives a Web redemption about picking up women.
2:05 PMTosh.0 - Skateboarding Fail: Daniel makes a kickstarter account and looks for what people search for on Google; a Web redemption.
2:35 PMSouth Park - Eat, Pray, Queef: Someone plays an April Fool's joke on the boys.
3:05 PMSouth Park - Going Native: Butters decides to begin a journey where he will follow in the path of his Hawaiian ancestors.
3:39 PMSouth Park - Wing: The boys start a talent agency hoping to make money.
4:13 PMSouth Park - Follow That Egg!: When Ms. Garrison hears of Mr. Slave's impending wedding, she vows to stop same-sex marriage.
4:46 PMSouth Park - Royal Pudding: Ike is obsessed with the Canadian royal wedding.
5:19 PMSouth Park - Go Fund Yourself: The boys name their new startup company The Washington Redskins.
5:52 PMFuturama - Assie Come Home: Bender searches the universe for his missing shiny metal rear end.
6:25 PMFuturama - Leela and the Genestalk: Leela discovers a secret genetic engineering facility; Leela grows tentacles.
6:57 PMFuturama - Game of Tones: The crew seeks the meaning of a strange alien melody by taking a journey into Fry's dreams.
7:29 PMFuturama - Murder on the Planet Express: The crew is trapped aboard the ship with a terrifying alien creature.
8:00 PMTosh.0 - Bong Lord: Daniel gets baked; proving that no one pays more for disgusting content.
8:30 PMTosh.0 - Tosh.0-lection Special: Daniel pledges to bring people together to laugh at the 2016 election.
9:00 PMAmy Schumer: Mostly Sex Stuff: Comic Amy Schumer's observations on male and female anatomy, relationships and sex.
10:00 PMTrevor Noah: African American: The comic discusses cultural flaws.
11:00 PMThe Daily Show With Trevor Noah - DJ Khaled  : Musician DJ Khaled.
11:31 PMAt Midnight With Chris Hardwick - Ali Siddiq; Nate Fernald; Erica Rhodes  : Ali Siddiq; Nate Fernald; Erica Rhodes.