26 June 2017

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11:35 PMLegends of Chamberlain Heights - Chocolate Milk  : Milk hits the Rachel Dolezal Tanning Salon to fulfill his dream of becoming black.
12:05 AMSouth Park - Taming Strange: Kyle and Ike start to grow apart when Ike hits puberty. Kyle tries to save their relationship.
12:35 AMSouth Park - Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers: The goth kids are sent to a camp for troubled children.
1:05 AMSouth Park - Whale W...: Stan's aquarium trip is ruined when the Japanese begin killing dolphins and whales.
1:40 AMSouth Park - Dances with Smurfs: Cartman is chosen to do the morning announcements at South Park Elementary.
2:10 AMSouth Park - The Losing Edge: The boys set out to lose a baseball game in order to avoid playing the game all summer.
2:40 AMSouth Park - Chef Goes Nanners: Chef protests the South Park flag.
3:10 AMSouth Park - Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery: Fifth graders plague the boys; pirate ghosts overrun South Park; Korn performs.
3:40 AMSouth Park - A Nightmare on FaceTime: Randy's big plans for Halloween night keep Stan from trick or treating with his friends.
4:10 AMInside Amy Schumer - I'm Sorry  : Amy directs a pizza commercial, interviews a gigolo and apologizes for everything.
4:40 AMInside Amy Schumer - 80s Ladies  : Amy rides a mechanical bull, steals a credit card and defends Bill Cosby.
5:00 AMSex Toys - 50 Percent OFF!: Adam & Eve, America's most trusted source for adult products.
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7:00 AMScrubs - My Lips Are Sealed: Turk asks J.D. to take Carla out to convince her that he is a trustworthy guy.
7:30 AMScrubs - My Big Move: Turk tells Carla and J.D. to decide between themselves who is responsible for their kiss.
8:00 AMScrubs - My Faith in Humanity: The arrival of an altruistic stranger restores J.D.'s faith in humanity and Elliot's faith in men.
8:30 AMScrubs - My Drive-By: Turk saves a man's life at a taco stand, but Dr. Cox takes all of the credit.
9:00 AMScrubs - My Changing Ways: Changes abound at Sacred Heart as the interns complete their residency.
9:30 AMScrubs - My Intern's Eyes: Dr. Cox puts J.D.'s decision-making skills to the test; Elliot learns the ropes at her new hospital.
10:00 AMThat '70s Show - Gimme Shelter: Eric decides to try being a chiropractor but comes to his senses when he nearly cripples Donna.
10:35 AMThat '70s Show - 2120 So. Michigan Avenue: In order to graduate Eric has to take a P.E. class from Casey Kelso.
11:10 AMThat '70s Show - 2000 Light Years From Home: Eric learns that his parents have spent all of his college savings.
11:45 AMThat '70s Show - Take It or Leave It: When the son of Red's Navy buddy comes to visit, the gang is immediately put off.
12:20 PMThat '70s Show - Short & Curlies: As Eric prepares to leave for Africa, he and the guys get together in the basement one last time.
12:55 PMThat '70s Show - 'Til the Next Goodbye: Jackie finds herself stranded in Point Place and tries to avoid Hyde.
1:30 PMThat '70s Show - Bohemian Rhapsody: Even with Eric in Africa, Kitty and Red quickly see that their nest is not empty.
2:00 PMThat '70s Show - Somebody to Love: Hyde plans to fire Leo after learning he almost put the store out of business.
2:30 PMThat '70s Show - You're My Best Friend: In honor of Hyde's new married status, the guys decide to throw him a surprise bachelor party.
3:00 PMArcher - Deadly Prep: Archer attends a prep school reunion, which leads to an interesting business opportunity.
3:35 PMArcher - Motherless Child: Archer must help a mysterious stranger find his birth mother.
4:10 PMArcher - Bel Panto: Part 1: A group of party crashers ruin a fundraiser.
4:45 PMFuturama - That's Lobstertainment: Dr. Zoidberg breaks into show business by making a movie with his uncle.
5:20 PMFuturama - The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz: Bender transports hazardous cargo through a penguin refuge on Pluto.
5:50 PMFuturama - Luck of the Fryish: Fry searches to recover a seven-leaf clover he possessed as a child.
6:15 PMFuturama - The Cyber House Rules: Leela decides to have plastic surgery so that she will appear to have two eyes.
6:50 PMFuturama - Insane in the Mainframe: Fry and Bender are sent to an asylum for robots after they are mistaken for bank robbers.
7:25 PMSouth Park - Stanley's Cup: Stan is haunted by memories of his pee wee hockey career when he becomes the coach of the team.
8:00 PMSouth Park - You're Getting Old: Stan's world view starts to change as well as his friendships just after his 10th birthday.
8:30 PMSouth Park - Ass Burgers: Cartman copes with Asperger's syndrome.
9:00 PMTosh.0 - Kayak: A Web redemption for a redhead; Daniel saves America's youth from eternal damnation.
9:30 PMTosh.0 - Ben's Video Resume: Daniel speaks to Congress and has lunch with a homeless man; Web redemption.
10:00 PMTosh.0 - Virgin Trampoline Jumper: Daniel helps a virgin score; Daniel introduces the angriest ladies in all of flyover country.
10:30 PMTosh.0 - Cliff Jumper: The cliff jumper gets a Web redemption; Daniel shares viewers' hardcore parkour.
11:00 PMThe Daily Show With Trevor Noah - Jason Isbell  : Musician Jason Isbell.
11:31 PMAt Midnight With Chris Hardwick - Ray Romano; Kumail Nanjiani; Kurt Braunohler  : Ray Romano; Kumail Nanjiani; Kurt Braunohler.
12:01 AMLocal Programming