22 April 2017

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11:00 PMGhost Adventures - Dumas Brothel: Investigating the Dumas Brothel in Montana where something malevolent lurks inside.
12:00 AMGhost Adventures - Silent Movie Theater: Investigating the infamous Silent Movie Theatre; Zak delves deep into a famous murder.
1:00 AMGhost Adventures - Black Moon Manor: A trip to Greenfield, Indiana in search for a dark power that has overrun the Black Moon Manor.
2:00 AMGhost Adventures - Dumas Brothel: Investigating the Dumas Brothel in Montana where something malevolent lurks inside.
3:00 AMGhost Adventures - Manresa Castle: Ghost Adventures investigate the violent hauntings at Manresa Castle.
4:00 AMBISSELL Pet Hair Eraser! New!: Got a pet? The new BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser(R) has what you need to eliminate pet hair and odors.
4:30 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
5:00 AMFacelift in Minutes at Home: Conture, the miraculous anti-aging system, allows you to look younger in minutes in your home.
5:30 AMMemory Loss?: The secret to having more brain power and focus, lies with INVIA.
6:00 AMAccidents caught on Camera with HD Mirror Cam!: See crazy accidents caught on camera with the HD Mirror Cam - the most important tool you'll ever!
6:30 AMHenry Repeating Arms - It's All About Our Customers: Learn Why People Love Their Henrys. Free catalog.
7:00 AMDinosaurs: Mysteries at the Museum: One of the world's greatest prehistoric mysteries, the dinosaurs; a dig for new dinosaur bones.
8:00 AMMysteries at the Museum - Robber's Bride; The Night Disco Exploded; Escape By Sea  : An old Concord stagecoach; melted vinyl records; a ship model.
9:00 AMMysteries at the Museum - Stolen Strad, Fall From Space, Czech Dream  : A concert program in the history of a music venue; a space capsule used by a heroic astronaut.
10:00 AMMysteries at the Museum - Forgotten Lindbergh; Fordlandia; Forest Owlet Fraud  : An odd glass medical device; a set of tools used in a failed auto business.
11:00 AMMysteries at the Museum - Hughes Hoax, Rat Bomb and Friday Night Liars  : The world's most elusive billionaire; an explosive rodent infestation.
12:00 PMMysteries at the Museum - Judy the POW Dog, Presidential Suite and Sticky Business  : A dog collar belonging to the only canine POW from World War II; a pen and inkwell.
1:00 PMBizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations - Twin Cities  : Walleye, bundt cake and the Jucy Lucy at the Twin Cities.
2:00 PMBizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations - Asheville  : Smoky BBQ pork; rainbow trout; fried chicken; divine biscuits and red eye gravy.
2:30 PMBizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations - Buffalo  : Spicy wings; sweet pepperoni pizza; enormous cake doughnuts; meat and potatoes slathered in sauce.
3:00 PMFood Paradise - Extra Cheesy: Counting down the top eight places serving up the extra-cheesiest delights in the nation.
4:00 PMFood Paradise - Manliest Restaurants: The nine regional finalists of Men's Health magazine's 2011 Manliest Restaurants.
5:00 PMFood Paradise - Feasting at the Fair: Chowing down in the Land of Enchantment; old favorites in New England; treats in Oklahoma.
6:00 PMFood Paradise - Pizza Paradise 2: New York classic; Chicago's deepest dish; 14-pound force of nature in Colorado.
7:00 PMFood Paradise - Stuffed: A wrestling-themed restaurant in Chicago; a baked potato factory in Houston.
8:00 PMFood Paradise - Pub Grub: Touring restaurants to find who can take boring bar food and turn it into one-of-a-kind pub grub.
9:00 PMBig Time RV - Saddle Up  : Horse trainers pony up cash for a blue-ribbon RV; family needs a coach with plenty of room to grow.
9:30 PMBig Time RV - Epic All-Stars  : The craziest, most memorable characters search for RVs to match their one-of-a-kind personalities.
10:00 PMBoat Buyers - Smooth Sailing in Texas  : Carina and Steven look to buy a boat large enough to live on during extended trips.
10:30 PMBoat Buyers - Slip Away to Saginaw Bay  : The Luths on the waters of Saginaw Bay, Mich., shop for a large, comfortable boat of their own.
11:00 PMBig Time RV - Game On  : A volleyball team needs to score an RV for out-of-town games; a couple needs a posh coach.
11:30 PMBig Time RV - Absolute Lap Of Luxury  : A couple wants a compact and luxurious RV suitable for its growing toddler.
12:00 AMLocal Programming