26 June 2017

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11:45 PMMike Tyson Mysteries - A Plaintive Wail  : A popular restaurant's new location may be cursed.
12:00 AMDecker: Unsealed - Private Sector  : While on the job for his famous security business, Decker becomes close with a top client.
12:15 AMYour Pretty Face Is Going to Hell - Eddie the Demon  : Eddie gets the chance to prove he has what it takes to become a demon.
12:30 AMRick and Morty - A Rickle in Time  : Rick screws up the whole time frame; Beth and Jerry get romantic.
1:00 AMRick and Morty - Mortynight Run  : Morty tries to save a life.
1:30 AMRick and Morty - Auto Erotic Assimilation  : Rick becomes emotional; Beth and Jerry are hard on each other.
2:00 AMRick and Morty - Total Rickall  : Meeting new friends; Morty goes ballistic.
2:30 AMRick and Morty - Get Schwifty  : Rick and Morty must step up and save things; a new religion starts up.
3:00 AMRick and Morty - The Ricks Must Be Crazy  : Rick forgets to check his oil and then must repair his car.
3:30 AMRick and Morty - Big Trouble in Little Sanchez  : Rick joins in on hi jinks; Beth and Jerry sort out relationship issues.
4:00 AMRick and Morty - Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate  : Things start to go crazy, Jerry gets sick; Rick sparks up the TV.
4:30 AMRick and Morty - Look Who's Purging Now  : Morty's goof forces everyone to chill out and wait; Jerry and Summer explore their relationship.
5:00 AMRick and Morty - The Wedding Squanchers  : The whole family is able to mess things up.
5:30 AMKing of the Hill - Strangeness on a Train: Peggy plans her own birthday party; Hank and the gang attend a disco party on a mystery train.
6:00 AMThe Amazing World of Gumball - The Sock; The Genius  : Gumball and Darwin learn confusing lessons about honesty; Darwin is sent to an institute.
6:30 AMThe Amazing World of Gumball - The Goons; The Secret  : Gumball wants to win back his father by winning a race; Gumball wants to know Darwin's secret.
7:00 AMTeen Titans Go! - Pyramid Scheme  : Beast Boy is in a pyramid scheme and the other Titans join.
7:15 AMTeen Titans Go! - Batman vs. Teen Titans: Dark Injustice  : The Titans are celebrating April Fools' day with pranks, which soon get out of hand.
7:30 AMTeen Titans Go! - Bottle Episode  : After getting trapped in a giant bottle in their living room, the Titans pass the time reminiscing.
7:45 AMTeen Titans Go! - Arms Race With Legs  : Lady Legasus must stop the League of Legs.
8:00 AMThe Amazing World of Gumball - The Apprentice  : Gumball becomes an apprentice.
8:15 AMThe Amazing World of Gumball - The Uploads  : After trying to give up the Internet, Gumball and Darwin end up falling down the Elmore Stream-hole.
8:30 AMThe Amazing World of Gumball - The Wicked  : Darwin looks for the good in Mrs. Robinson.
8:45 AMThe Amazing World of Gumball - The Advice  : Gumball and Darwin try to cheer up Mr. Small, who feels depressed.
9:00 AMClarence: An optimistic boy wants to do everything.
10:30 AMTeen Titans Go! - Caged Tiger; Nose Mouth  : Cyborg, Beast Boy and Robin's vacation glow is interrupted; Raven's dark magic is overused.
11:00 AMTeen Titans Go! - No Power; Sidekick  : Robin challenges the others to go 24-hours without using their powers; the Titans tease Robin.
11:30 AMTeen Titans Go! - Power Moves; Staring at the Future  : Beast Boy is jealous of Robin and Cyborg; Cyborg and Beast Boy have a staring contest.
12:00 PMAdventure Time - City of Thieves; The Witch's Garden: Jake loses his enthusiasm for adventure when a witch strips him of his powers for trespassing.
12:30 PMAdventure Time - What Is Life?; Ocean of Fear: Finn builds N.E.P.T.R., a Never-Ending Pie-Throwing Robot, to pull a prank on Jake.
1:00 PMTeen Titans Go! - Rocks and Water; Multiple Trick Pony  : Terra and Aqualad are now an item; Robin insists that he is a ``multiple trick pony.''
1:30 PMTeen Titans Go! - Smile Bones; Real Boy Adventures  : Cyborg and Beast Boy teach the others to wolf down their food.
2:00 PMTeen Titans Go! - Yearbook Madness; Hose Water  : Beast Boy and Cyborg decide to create a yearbook for the Titans; inner children.
2:30 PMTeen Titans Go! - Truth, Justice, and What?; Beast Man  : Pizza is the source of the Titans' goofy humor; Beast Boy can transform into an adult man.
3:00 PMThe Amazing World of Gumball - The Nest  : The Wattersons' search for clues leads them to a strange egg.
3:15 PMThe Amazing World of Gumball - The Bus  : Parents try to teach the students of Elmore High a lesson about skipping school.
3:30 PMThe Amazing World of Gumball - The Points  : In order to use Tobias' points in a video game, Gumball and Darwin must do his chores for him.
3:45 PMThe Amazing World of Gumball - The Misunderstandings  : Gumball and Penny have a disagreement.
4:00 PMClarence - Missing Cat  : When Chelsea's cat goes missing, Clarence is determined to find the lost pet.
4:15 PMClarence - Chad and the Marathon  : Chad decides to participate in the Aberdale Marathon and enlists Clarence to help him train.
4:30 PMUncle Grandpa - Date With Gus  : Uncle Grandpa and Pizza Steve go undercover as Mr. Gus's date after ruining his night.
4:45 PMUncle Grandpa - What's the Big Idea?  : Pizza Steve and Mr. Gus help Uncle Grandpa get an idea.
5:00 PMBen 10 - The Beast Inside  : Dr. Animo has found a way to release the animal nature within humans.
5:15 PMBen 10 - Steam is the Word  : Ben has to stop villain Steam Smythe from getting the power source sealed in a Tesla time capsule.
5:30 PMTeen Titans Go! - Hey You, Don't Forget About Me in Your Memory  : Robin returns to school to become an all-American class president-type person.
5:45 PMTeen Titans Go! - I'm the Sauce  : Stuck inside, the Titans play rainy day games in order to cheer up the clouds.
6:00 PMTeen Titans Go! - Accept the Next Proposition You Hear  : Hoping to encourage the others to think for themselves, Robin stops giving orders.
6:15 PMTeen Titans Go! - The Spice Game  : Having grown sick of Robin's bland cooking, the other Titans make attempts to spice things up.
6:30 PMBen 10 - The Ring Leader  : While winning big on a Sumo Slammers video game, Ben gets the idea to try a real wrestling match.
6:45 PMBen 10 - The Clocktopus  : In a coastal town Ben must face his worst fear, squid.
7:00 PMBen 10 - Adventures in Babysitting  : The gang meet a family that appears to be a mirror image of them.
7:15 PMThe Amazing World of Gumball - The Potato  : When Darwin has lunch with Idaho, he decides to stop eating potatoes in solidarity with his brotato.
7:30 PMThe Amazing World of Gumball - The Fuss  : Nicole is disappointed when Richard and the kids fail to remember her special day.
7:45 PMThe Amazing World of Gumball - The Outside  : The family goes to visit Richard's dad and think that he's done a stretch in the slammer.
8:00 PMKing of the Hill - Cops & Robert: A man vows revenge when Hank accidentally takes his wallet; Bobby is falsely accused of a crime.
8:30 PMAmerican Dad - A Smith in the Hand: When Steve brings home a permission slip to take sex education, Stan decides to teach the class.
9:00 PMThe Cleveland Show - Escape From Goochland: Cleveland and the gang head to their rival high school for an annual football game.
9:30 PMAmerican Dad - All About Steve: When the CIA organizes a father-son baseball game, Stan is determined to win.
10:00 PMBob's Burgers - The Kids Rob a Train: The Belchers go on a train trip; Linda and Bob indulge in a wine-tasting.
10:30 PMBob's Burgers - Tina and the Real Ghost: Tina starts a romance with a spirit thought to be living in the Belchers' basement.
11:00 PMFamily Guy - Dr. C and the Women: Cleveland becomes a therapist and starts advising Peter and Lois on their relationship.
11:30 PMFamily Guy - JOLO: Peter is hailed a hero after finding a missing boy; Joe quits his job and takes a road trip.
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