22 September 2017

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11:40 PMMystery, Alaska: The New York Rangers play a legendary local team in an isolated Alaskan town.
1:40 AMChannel Sex News: The workers at a TV station hook up behind the scenes.
3:00 AMI Survived a Zombie Holocaust: Wesley's first day as a low-budget film's runner goes bad when zombies overrun the set.
4:50 AMThe Ghost Writer: A ghostwriter exposes a dark secret while working on the memoirs of England's former prime minister.
7:00 AMAll-Stars: Lance deals with delusional parents while coaching a softball team.
8:40 AMGrowing Up and Other Lies: On his last day in New York City, Jake convinces his three friends to walk the length of Manhattan.
10:15 AMWillard: Nagged by his mother, bullied by his boss, a young man trains mansion rats to kill for him.
12:00 PMJackson: Filmmaker Maisie Crow examines the issues surrounding the right to choose in Mississippi.
1:35 PMBurning Bodhi: A young man returns home after learning about the death of his best friend from high school.
3:15 PMThe Nanny Diaries: A college student goes to work for an affluent but dysfunctional family.
5:00 PMMother's Day: A single mom learns that her ex-husband is engaged, while a widower struggles to raise two children.
7:00 PMLove the Coopers: Four generations of extended family gather for an annual Christmas Eve celebration.
9:00 PMPeople Like Us: After his father dies, a young man discovers the existence of a sister, named Frankie.
11:00 PMTyler Perry's the Family That Preys: Greed and scandal test the mettle of two family matriarchs.