10 October 2015

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11:15 PMHands of a Stranger: A surgeon transplants a murdered man's hands to a concert pianist.
1:00 AMThe Brain That Wouldn't Die: A surgeon tapes his fiancee's mouth shut and prepares to put her head on a model's body.
2:30 AMCorruption: A knighted surgeon kills for the skin glands he needs to restore his wife's scarred face.
4:15 AMEyes Without a Face: A Paris surgeon tries to fix his daughter's face with skin from kidnapped women.
6:00 AMThank Your Lucky Stars: Hollywood tour-bus guide joins Warner Bros. all-star revue.
8:30 AMHorse Feathers: Professor Wagstaff and his sidekicks fix a football game at Huxley College.
10:00 AMBatman and Robin - Batman's Last Chance 
10:30 AMBulldog Drummond in Africa: The London sleuth, his fiancee and sidekick pluck a Scotland Yard colonel from a lion pit.
11:45 AMX the Unknown: Nuke researcher spots throbbing mud from center of Earth.
1:15 PMUnder Capricorn: A lady marries an upstart and turns alcoholic in 1830s Australia.
3:30 PMMy Darling Clementine: Lawman Wyatt Earp and gambler Doc Holliday shoot it out with the Clantons at the OK Corral.
5:30 PMSunrise at Campobello: Franklin Delano Roosevelt fights polio and enters politics with his wife, Eleanor.
8:00 PMNinotchka: A playboy charms a Russian envoy sent to fetch three wayward comrades in Paris.
10:00 PMThe Lavender Hill Mob: A meek clerk, his buddy and crooks melt hijacked Bank of England gold into Eiffel Tower souvenirs.
11:30 PMZazie Dans le Mtro: A girl causes chaos on the streets of Paris after she runs away from her transvestite uncle.