1 June 2015

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10:15 PMRally 'Round the Flag, Boys!: A Connecticut couple are called to action by a sexpot and a hush-hush Army project in their midst.
12:15 AMFrom the Terrace: A young veteran achieves financial and social success but is unhappy in his marriage to a socialite.
3:00 AMRachel, Rachel: A schoolteacher faces approaching middle age while caring for her mother in Connecticut.
4:45 AMThe Drowning Pool: A New Orleans oil heiress hires private eye Lew Harper to unravel a blackmail scheme.
6:45 AMThe Wind: An innocent Virginian moves to Texas, marries a cowboy and shoots a visitor in a windstorm. Silent.
8:30 AMThe Squall: A storm drives a Gypsy into a farmhouse, the home of some men susceptible to her wiles.
10:15 AMRain or Shine: A circus heiress and her faithful manager fight bad weather, a strike and a fire.
12:00 PMRain: A missionary lusts for a streetwalker stranded in rainy Pago Pago.
2:00 PMThe Hurricane: South Sea Island sweethearts are threatened by white men and a hurricane.
4:00 PMKey Largo: A gangster holds a GI and others hostage in a run-down Florida Keys hotel.
6:00 PMMiracle in the Rain: A mousy New York secretary meets and loves a lonely soldier, but then loses him to war.
8:00 PMThe Hunters: Two U.S. jet pilots go behind enemy lines in North Korea to rescue a downed comrade.
10:00 PMThe Enemy Below: The captain of a U.S. destroyer escort matches wits with a U-boat captain in the North Atlantic.
11:45 PMSplit Second: An escaped killer holds a doctor's wife and others hostage at an atomic-bomb test site in Nevada.