27 October 2016

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11:05 PMQuarry - Carnival of Souls  : The Broker has Mac take down a head drug dealer; Olsen follows his suspicions.
12:00 AMTerm Life: A vengeful drug lord and three corrupt cops pursue a thief and his estranged daughter.
1:35 AMMagic Mike XXL: Former stripper Mike Lane comes out of retirement to perform with his old crew.
3:35 AMExcalibur: King Arthur rules with a magic sword in the midst of Lancelot and the Knights of the Round Table.
6:00 AMHollywood Ending: A neurotic director must work for his ex-wife in order to film his latest movie.
7:55 AMParenthood: A middle-class man, his wife, his father and a divorcee try to be good parents.
10:00 AMQuick Change: Robbing a bank is easy for a clownish trio; it's getting out of New York that's hard.
11:30 AMConsenting Adults: A new neighbor lures a couple into wife-swapping as a setup to an insurance-scam murder.
1:10 PMPresumed Innocent: A prosecutor is suspected in a colleague's death. Based on a book by Scott Turow.
3:20 PMSpeed Racer: Speed enters an arduous, cross-country auto race in defiance of a corrupt mogul.
5:35 PMMad Max: Fury Road: Mad Max and a band of rebels try to outrun a warlord and his henchmen in a high-speed, desert chase.
7:40 PMFurious 7: A government agent offers to help Dominic Toretto's gang eliminate a dangerous enemy.
10:00 PMQuarry - Nuoc Chay da Mon  : Mac confronts his old demons and settles a score.
11:25 PMQuarry - Nuoc Chay da Mon  : Mac confronts his old demons and settles a score.
12:50 AMLocal Programming