24 February 2017

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10:15 PMSpartacus: A gladiator slave leads a revolt in decadent Rome and attempts to lead his followers to freedom.
1:45 AMSpeedy: A Babe Ruth fan saves his girlfriend's grandfather's horse trolley. Silent.
3:30 AMThe Spirit of St. Louis: Charles Lindbergh flies solo nonstop from New York to Paris in 1927.
6:00 AMSplendor in the Grass: Parents drive two high-school lovers tragically apart in 1920s Kansas.
8:15 AMStage Door: New York chorus girls room at a theatrical boardinghouse while waiting for their big break.
10:00 AMStagecoach: An outlaw, a prostitute, a drunken doctor and assorted others go through Indian country.
12:00 PMA Star Is Born: The more famous his wife gets, the more a matinee idol drinks.
2:00 PMThe Story of G.I. Joe: Syndicated columnist Ernie Pyle covers World War II with the infantry.
4:00 PMStrangers on a Train: Psychopath and tennis star meet in a club car and plot that each will murder someone for the other.
5:45 PMA Streetcar Named Desire: A brute clashes with his wife's neurotic sister.
8:00 PMSummer of '42: A teen falls for the lonely bride of a soldier.
10:00 PMThe Sundowners: Irish sheepherders roam with their son and helper, making a living in 1920s Australia.