30 June 2016

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10:00 PMHamlet: Shakespeare's melancholy Danish prince avenges his father's murder.
12:45 AMA Midsummer Night's Dream: Shakespeare's Puck and forest fairies prompt a triple mortal wedding, with entertainment by Bottom.
3:15 AMRomeo and Juliet: Shakespeare's Renaissance lovers tragically defy their feuding parents.
5:30 AMKing Lear: Shakespeare's tragic king of Britain is deceived by two of his three daughters.
8:00 AMMGM Parade: Nelson Eddy; Jeanette MacDonald; Lucille Ball; Desi Arnaz; host George Murphy.
8:30 AMPanama Hattie: Sailors and spies mingle in between the acts at Hattie's nightclub in the Canal Zone.
10:00 AMI Dood It: An assistant tailor courts a New York dancer and exposes wartime spies.
11:45 AMDuchess of Idaho: A water-ballet star falls for a band leader while in Sun Valley to help her friend woo a playboy.
1:30 PMSwing Fever: The mystical powers of a songwriter prove valuable to a struggling boxer.
3:00 PMBroadway Rhythm: A vaudeville veteran succeeds with a Hollywood star where his son the Broadway producer fails.
5:00 PMThe Duke Is Tops: A singer goes to New York for her big break, leaving her medicine-show buddies behind.
6:15 PMCabin in the Sky: Agents of heaven and hell fight for Little Joe's soul after his wife gets him a pardon.
8:00 PMCabaret: Singer Sally Bowles lives on the fringe in decadent 1931 Berlin.
10:15 PMHair: New York hippies introduce a Vietnam-bound Oklahoman to the Age of Aquarius.
12:30 AMLocal Programming