24 March 2017

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11:06 PMImpossible Engineering - World's Tallest Bridge  : A look at how engineers build the tallest bridge on the planet.
12:08 AMImpossible Engineering - World's Biggest Cruise Ship  : The construction of the biggest cruise ships.
1:10 AMImpossible Engineering - World's Largest Plane  : Examine the Airbus A380 inside and out, and uncover how its engineers redefined modern aviation.
2:12 AMImpossible Engineering - US Navy's Super Submarine  : How a nuclear submarine is built.
3:12 AMNik Wallenda Beyond Niagara - The Bahamas  : Nik faces a tough choice while trying to break two records in the Bahamas.
4:08 AMThe Manipulation Game - How to Fix a Murder  : Illusionist Derren Brown puts an unsuspecting participant into the center of a murder mystery.
5:04 AMInsects and the City
6:00 AMUnearthed - Summit of the Gods  : Scientists are working to solve the mysteries of the Acropolis.
7:00 AMUnearthed - Mayan City of Blood  : Deep in the jungles of Mexico, the lost city of Chichen Itza contains ancient secrets.
8:00 AMUnearthed - Ghosts of the Great Wall  : Follow the scientific mission to reveal the ancient secrets about the fortified wall.
9:00 AMUnearthed - Dark Secrets of the Pyramid  : The investigation into how the Great Pyramid was built and the truth behind ancient secrets.
10:00 AMSecrets of the Underground - America's Buried Massacre  : A mass grave could expose a dark secret of America's industrial past; a giant lake is disappearing.
11:00 AMSecrets of the Underground - Capone's Escape Tunnels  : Investigating a secret escape route used by Al Capone; landscape of earthen mounds in Washington.
12:00 PMSecrets of the Underground - Mystery of the Serpent Mound  : Investigating rumors of a secret organization operating below Denver; a mound shaped like a serpent.
1:00 PMSecrets of the Underground - Rocky Mountain Monsters  : Markings suggest a clash between prehistoric beasts; a strange lake may be home to alien life.
2:00 PMSecrets of the Underground - Great Lakes Bermuda Triangle  : Searching for evidence of a mass extinction event; investigating a Bermuda Triangle-like phenomenon.
3:00 PMSecrets of the Underground - California's Hidden Doomsday  : Heading to California to investigate a network for major fault lines.
4:00 PMOutrageous Acts of Science - Truth or Troll  : Separating scientific fact from science fiction; testing the limits of paper; selfie with a tornado.
5:00 PMOutrageous Acts of Science - Moguls of Mayhem  : Celebrating the fearless innovators who have a genius for anarchy and destruction.
6:00 PMOutrageous Acts of Science - Neighborhood Watch  : Internet clips of silly putty, flying bikes and UFOs.
7:00 PMOutrageous Acts of Science - Not Safe for Work  : A countdown of workplace clips; office pranks, lifesaving drones and construction site skills.
8:00 PMOutrageous Acts of Science - Fearless or Foolish  : Trick shots; extreme mountain unicyclists; a relaxing hot bath of chili sauce.
9:02 PMOutrageous Acts of Science - Bucket List  : Creating the ultimate bucket list; cook bread with a volcano and build underwater hotel rooms.
10:04 PMOutrageous Acts of Science - Natural Selection 
11:06 PMOutrageous Acts of Science - Fearless or Foolish  : Trick shots; extreme mountain unicyclists; a relaxing hot bath of chili sauce.
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