30 September 2014

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11:30 PMCops Reloaded
12:00 AMCops Reloaded
12:30 AMCops Reloaded
1:00 AMCops Reloaded
1:30 AMCops Reloaded
2:00 AMWorld's Most Amazing Videos - Crash & Burn: Racecar; speedboat; motorcycle; motorcross; demolition derby; ATV crashes.
3:00 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
3:30 AMGrave Diggers: Includes 9 dealer dozens, Tac Xtreme 15 white skull camo bowie w/ sheath, two Tac Xtreme 12.
4:00 AMCMT Music: Music videos.
5:00 AMCMT Music: Music videos.
6:00 AMCMT Music: Music videos.
7:00 AMCMT Music: Music videos.
8:00 AMCMT Music: Music videos.
9:00 AMCMT Music: Music videos.
10:00 AMCMT Music: Music videos.
11:00 AMCMT Music: Music videos.
12:00 PMThe Dukes of Hazzard - Big Brothers, Duke: As Big Brothers, Bo and Luke must save their ``little brother'' from Boss' schemes.
1:00 PMThe Dukes of Hazzard - Farewell, Hazzard: A ruthless female industrialist schemes to destroy Hazzard for its coal deposits.
2:00 PMThe Dukes of Hazzard - Daisy's Shotgun Wedding: Daisy learns that living on her own can lead to dire results -- like a forced wedding.
3:00 PMThe Dukes of Hazzard - Lulu's Gone Away: Boss will give all his money to ensure the return of Lulu, abducted by a desperate trio.
4:00 PMRaising Hope - Prodigy: Jimmy learns he was a musical prodigy until an accident ruined his talent.
4:30 PMRaising Hope - Sabrina Has Money: Burt lets the family in on some information he learned about Sabrina.
5:00 PMReba - The Steaks Are High: Reba agrees to throw the football team's traditional pregame dinner.
5:30 PMReba - The Man and the Moon: A plumber (Greg Evigan) turns Brock into a jealous ex-husband.
6:00 PMReba - Tea and Antipathy: Van's parents invite him to move back home -- under certain conditions.
6:30 PMReba - Don't Know Much About History: Van failed his history mid-term and Reba is tutoring him; Kyra gives up clarinet for a cute boy.
7:00 PMRaising Hope - Mrs. Smartypants: When Jimmy decides to get his G.E.D., he is sorry to learn his former teacher is heading the class.
7:30 PMRaising Hope - Gambling Again: When Burt becomes obsessed with gambling, Jimmy and Virginia try to intervene.
8:00 PMRoad House: Hired to tame a rowdy Missouri bar, a Ph.D. bouncer romances a doctor and tames the whole town.
10:59 PMDeath Valley - Sneak Peak  : Death Valley is a place most people try to avoid but there are some who call it home.
11:00 PMCops Reloaded
11:30 PMCops Reloaded
12:00 AMLocal Programming