18 December 2014

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10:00 PMThe Look of Love: Britain's Paul Raymond builds a lucrative porn, entertainment and property empire.
12:00 AMFruitvale Station: Flashbacks reveal the final day in the life of Oscar Grant, a young man shot dead by police.
1:30 AMXiu Xiu: The Sent-Down Girl: A young woman works in the Tibetan countryside in 1975.
3:10 AMCurse of the Starving Class: An alcoholic farmer and his wife try to escape poverty, but their children know it's hopeless.
5:00 AMGross Anatomy: A fisherman's son goes through medical school with a bad attitude, especially in cadaver class.
6:50 AMThe Wipers Times: A soldier finds a printing press in the ruins of Ypres, in 1916 and decides to publish a newspaper.
8:30 AMVirgin Tales: Men and their daughters attend purity balls as a way to promote abstinence until marriage.
10:00 AMHeatstroke: A woman has to evade killers, protect a teenager, and survive in the African desert.
11:35 AMKingdom Come: Actor Daniel Gillies tries to raise enough money to make his directorial debut, ``Broken Kingdom.''
1:05 PMBroken Kingdom: A writer bonds with a teenage prostitute, while a day care teacher harbors a tragic secret.
2:40 PMLittle Odessa: A job returns a Russian-Jewish hit man to his family and the Mafia in Brooklyn.
4:30 PMThe Real McCoy: A paroled cat burglar and her helper must pull off a bank caper to free her son from a crime boss.
6:15 PMPerfect Sisters: Teenage siblings plot to kill their alcoholic mother.
8:00 PMDouble Jeopardy: Jailed for her husband's murder, a woman learns he lives.
10:00 PMMonster: Working as a prostitute in Florida, Aileen Wuornos kills seven men and lands on death row.