28 December 2014

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10:00 PMLady in the Lake: Raymond Chandler's private eye Philip Marlowe searches for a publisher's missing wife.
12:00 AMThe King of Kings: The story of the life of Jesus Christ includes the crucifixion and his resurrection. Silent.
2:45 AMThe Story of a Cheat: A scoundrel recalls his life from childhood through years of dabbling in crime with two women.
4:15 AMPearls of the Crown: Treasure hunters seek a set of pearls, while flashbacks show the gems' fate over the centuries.
6:00 AMFive Came Back: Amazon-jungle crash survivors learn only five of them can leave once the plane is fixed.
7:30 AMConflict: An architect kills his wife to be with her sister, but a psychologist sees through his alibi.
9:00 AMAnd Then There Were None: An unknown host brings 10 sinners to an island, for punishment one by one.
10:45 AMFlamingo Road: A small-town Florida sheriff frames his political pawn's dancer girlfriend for prostitution.
12:30 PMWhat Ever Happened to Baby Jane?: A Hollywood child-star has-been torments her famous sister, now in a wheelchair.
2:45 PMBeware My Lovely: A war widow hires a drifter to do odd jobs, unaware he's disturbed and on the run.
4:15 PMBack From Eternity: A pilot, a hooker, a killer and eight others crash among headhunters, but only five can leave.
6:00 PMUndercurrent: The bride of a World War II profiteer discovers his dark side and his mysterious brother.
8:00 PMFather Goose: A stranded French teacher and her girls join an island beach bum paid in booze to spot enemy planes.
10:15 PMHouseboat: Lawyer with kids hires maestro's daughter as maid.