27 May 2017

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11:48 PMMama's Family - Bye-Bye, Baby!: Naomi and Vint's (Dorothy Lyman, Ken Berry) baby arrives early.
12:20 AMOne Day at a Time - Ginny's Child: Ginny surprises everyone with the revelation that she has a daughter.
12:54 AMOne Day at a Time - Julie's Operation: Ann's emergency call brings a young doctor whose bedside manner leaves a lot to be desired.
1:27 AMOne Day at a Time - The Traveling Salesperson: Ann's expected promotion is given to a man who is less qualified.
2:00 AMOne Day at a Time - The Butterfields: Ann is suddenly involved in the intimate problems of strangers.
2:30 AMOne Day at a Time - Barbara Plus Two: The night of a dance finds Barbara in trouble.
3:00 AMOne Day at a Time - The Singles Bar: Ann finds she has little in common with the other patrons of Ginny's singles bar.
3:30 AMOne Day at a Time - College Question: Julie cracks under the pressure of her upcoming college boards.
4:00 AMThree's Company - A Black Letter Day: The girls each think the other is dating Jack.
4:30 AMThree's Company - The Reverend Steps Out: Chrissy thinks her father is having an affair.
5:00 AMThree's Company - Larry Loves Janet: Chrissy and Jack try to cool Larry's ardor for Janet.
5:30 AMThree's Company - Mighty Mouth: Jack runs into trouble when he dates a pretty gym instructor.
6:00 AMThree's Company - The Love Lesson: Jack faces eviction when he lets it slip to Furley that he is not gay.
6:30 AMThree's Company - Handcuffed: Jack and Chrissy are handcuffed together as a joke and then discover they have no key.
7:00 AMThree's Company - And Baby Makes Two: Chrissy and Jack think Janet wants a baby.
7:30 AMThree's Company - Jack's Bad Boy: A 12-year-old runaway moves into the apartment.
8:00 AMThe Facts of Life - Rough Housing: Cindy must compete with Blair to be Harvest Queen.
8:30 AMThe Facts of Life - I.Q.: Tootie discloses her friends' I.Q. scores.
9:00 AMThe Facts of Life - Overachieving: Tootie's father wants to remove her from Mrs. Garrett's care.
9:30 AMThe Facts of Life - Emily Dickinson: Blair's solution to a problem puts the honor of the school at stake.
10:00 AMThe Facts of Life - Dieting: Sue Ann goes on a dangerous crash diet.
10:30 AMThe Facts of Life - The Facts of Love: Blair decides to put a sex-education lesson to use.
11:00 AMRoseanne - Follow the Son: Roseanne is jealous of Dan's new bond with D.J.; David dislikes Darlene's new beau.
11:30 AMRoseanne - Punch and Jimmy: Roseanne and Jackie visit Darlene at college; Dan referees fights at home.
12:00 PMRoseanne - White Men Can't Kiss: Dan and Roseanne struggle with D.J.'s reluctance to kiss a girl in the school play.
12:32 PMRoseanne - Thanksgiving 1994: The family gathers for Thanksgiving dinner; Dan and Roseanne plan to reveal the gender of the baby.
1:03 PMRoseanne - Maybe Baby: As Dan and Roseanne await word on her pregnancy, he feels left out of the decision-making process.
1:35 PMMama's Family - Vint and the Kids Move In: Evicted Vint shows up with his children.
2:07 PMMama's Family - For Better or Worse: Vint and Naomi announce wedding plans.
2:39 PMMama's Family - The Wedding: While Vint is at his stag party, the women have a get-together that turns disastrous.
3:10 PMMama's Family - The Wedding: Naomi and Vint wind up on Mama's doorstep after they're swindled out of their housing investment.
3:42 PMMama's Family - Family Feud: The Harper family competes on ``Family Feud.''.
4:13 PMMama's Family - Cellmates: Mama and Eunice share confidences in jail.
4:45 PMThree's Company - Lee Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother: Jack becomes enraged when his brother decides to romance Chrissy.
5:18 PMThree's Company - The Root of All Evil: Chrissy's big track winnings threaten to split the threesome.
5:50 PMThree's Company - Secret Admirer: Chrissy sets up a rendezvous with the man who has been sending her secret love notes.
6:23 PMThree's Company - The Goodbye Guy: The roommates help Furley attract a lady friend.
6:55 PMThree's Company - Jack's Graduation: A dishonest student may prevent Jack's graduation.
7:28 PMThree's Company - Upstairs, Downstairs, Downstairs: Jack tries to serve three dinners simultaneously.
8:00 PMRomy and Michele's High School Reunion: Two pinheads try to impress former classmates with far-fetched success stories.
10:40 PMLegally Blonde: A sorority queen enrolls in Harvard to win back her boyfriend.
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