19 August 2017

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11:30 PMThe Golden Girls - How Do You Solve a Problem Like Sophia?: Sophia must be prevented from joining a convent; Blanche is in an accident.
12:00 AMThe Golden Girls - Mrs. George Devereaux: Blanche dreams of a visit from her deceased husband and that Dorothy meets her ideal men.
12:30 AMThe Golden Girls - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun ... Before They Die: Sophia becomes a sexy seductress to lure Tony (Cesar Romero) into bed, while Rose promises celibacy.
1:00 AMFrasier - The Two Mrs. Cranes: Niles poses as Daphne's husband when her ex-fiance arrives with wedding plans.
1:30 AMFrasier - Love Bites Dog: Frasier and Bulldog compete for the attention of a beautiful woman.
2:00 AMFrasier - The Impossible Dream: Frasier seeks help deciphering a recurring dream from friends and family.
2:30 AMFrasier - A Crane's Critique: Frasier and Niles find an esteemed writer having a beer with their father.
3:00 AMFrasier - Head Game: Niles fills in for Frasier on the radio and helps an NBA star out of a slump.
3:30 AMFrasier - Mixed Doubles: Niles' opportunity with Daphne slips away when he hesitates after her breakup.
4:00 AMCheers - Severe Crane Damage: Frasier feels inferior following Lilith's talk show appearance; Cliff's medication backfires.
4:30 AMCheers - Indoor Fun With Sammy and Robby: Egos get a workout when Robin and Sam challenge each other in games of skill.
5:00 AMI Love Lucy - Ricky Needs an Agent: Lucy appoints herself Ricky's agent.
5:30 AMI Love Lucy - The Tour: Lucy gets trapped in Richard Widmark's house after trying to steal a grapefruit from his backyard.
6:00 AMI Love Lucy - Lucy Visits Grauman's: Lucy and Ethel try to take a memento of California back to New York with them.
6:30 AMI Love Lucy - Lucy & John Wayne: John Wayne helps Lucy return the cement block with his footprints.
7:00 AMI Love Lucy - Lucy and the Dummy: When Ricky refuses to entertain at a studio party, Lucy accepts in his place.
7:30 AMI Love Lucy - Ricky Sells the Car: Ricky sells his car and the Mertzes think they are being stranded in California.
8:00 AMThe Middle - Hecks on a Train: After Aunt Edie passes away, the Hecks board a train to take her body to South Dakota.
8:30 AMThe Middle - Valentine's Day VI: Brick learns that his quirky girlfriend wants him to kiss her on Valentine's Day.
9:00 AMI Married Who?: In Las Vegas, a startled bride wakes up married to a famous actor.
11:00 AMLove Blossoms: A perfume maker and an inexperienced botanist collaborate on a new signature scent.
1:00 PMSummer Villa: A novelist who has writer's block and a chef who is retreating from a bad review share a villa.
3:00 PMSummer in the Vineyard: When Frankie and Nate agree to host a celebration, the pressure is on them to make a big splash.
5:00 PMEat, Play, Love: A veterinarian secretly loves the owner of a dog shelter, who's already engaged.
7:00 PMA Country Wedding: Sparks fly when an engaged country-music star reconnects with a childhood friend.
9:00 PMChesapeake Shores - Photographs and Memories  : Abby sends her girls off to their first day at a new school; conflict arises between Trace and Wes.
10:00 PMAt Home in Mitford: Cynthia meets a man and the pair find solace, comfort, and even romance.
12:00 AMLocal Programming