25 December 2014

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11:30 PMSeinfeld - The Secret Code: George conceals his ATM code from fiancee Susan; guest John O'Hurley.
12:00 AMLocal Programming
1:30 AMFamily Guy - Jesus, Mary and Joseph!: Peter shares his version of the Nativity story at Christmastime.
2:00 AMRules of Engagement - Ghost Story: Jeff does not believe Audrey's claim that she saw her grandmother's ghost.
2:30 AMAmerican Dad - Best Christmas Story Never Told: An injunction prevents Langley Falls from lighting its annual Christmas tree.
3:00 AMThe Steve Harvey Show - Boy Trouble: Steve contends with a sexist school-board member who shoots down Regina's proposals.
3:30 AMThe Steve Harvey Show - The Roof Is on Fire: Regina stays with Steve after a fire leaves her homeless.
4:00 AMGimme a Break - Julie's Rejection: Julie tries for membership in an exclusive club.
4:30 AMThe Jeffersons - Every Night Fever: George catches ``disco fever.''
5:00 AMLocal Programming
9:00 AMYule Log: Seasonal music.
1:00 PMMarch of the Wooden Soldiers: Stan and Ollie rescue Bo-Peep, Tom-Tom and other Mother Goose characters from Toyland miser Barnaby.
3:00 PMThe Flying Nun: Strong winds cause Sister Bertrille to become airborne.
3:30 PMThe Monkees: The comedy features a rock and roll group.
4:00 PMBewitched: Samantha, a witch, marries mortal Darren Stevens.
4:30 PMBewitched: Samantha, a witch, marries mortal Darren Stevens.
5:00 PMLocal Programming
6:00 PMEverybody Loves Raymond - Robert's Wedding: Robert and Amy exchange vows in a classic Barone family wedding ceremony.
6:30 PMCelebrity Name Game
7:00 PMTwo and a Half Men - Santa's Village of the Damned: Alan dates a controlling woman who takes over the house during the Christmas holidays.
7:30 PMTwo and a Half Men - Walnuts and Demerol: Charlie finds himself throwing an unwanted, unplanned holiday party.
8:00 PMThe 12 Dogs of Christmas: A Depression-era girl plans a holiday pageant at school to help homeless dogs.
10:00 PMLocal Programming
11:00 PMSeinfeld - The Little Kicks: Jerry discovers a hidden talent when Kramer gets him to perform an illegal activity.
11:30 PMSeinfeld - The Pool Guy: The pool man at Jerry's health club wants to be his best friend.