24 July 2017

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11:00 PMStarsky & Hutch: Thrown together as partners, two detectives investigate a cocaine dealer suspected of murder.
1:30 AMSteve Austin's Broken Skull Challenge - Heavy Hitters  : Eight of the biggest athletes to ever step foot on the ranch battle it out.
2:30 AMRoseanne - April Fool's Day: Dan and Roseanne are in a panic to get their tax returns filed by deadline.
3:00 AMKing of the Grill-Wood-Fired Cooking: Traeger, the Original Wood Pellet Grill, turns raw potential of uncooked food into phenomenal food.
3:30 AMTry Total Gym for $14.95: Total Gym Fit is the only piece of fitness equipment you need to get into the best shape.
4:00 AMRaising Hope - Not Indecent, but Not Quite Decent Enough Proposal: At the funeral for Sabrina's grandmother, the Chance family meets Sabrina's mom.
4:30 AMRaising Hope - Throw Maw Maw From the House - Part Two: The Chance family devises a plan to break Maw Maw out of the nursing facility.
5:00 AMCMT Music: Music videos.
6:00 AMCMT Music: Music videos.
7:00 AMCMT Music: Music videos.
8:00 AMCMT Music: Music videos.
9:00 AMRoseanne - Chicken Hearts: Roseanne tries to improve her relationship with her teenage boss by inviting him home for dinner.
9:30 AMRoseanne - One for the Road: Becky and her friend (Lindsay Fisher) suffer the consequences when they get drunk.
10:00 AMRoseanne - An Officer and a Gentleman: Jackie plays mom while Roseanne is called away for a family emergency.
10:30 AMRoseanne - Born to Be Wild: Dan and Roseanne realize their attitudes have changed during a visit from an old friend.
11:00 AMRoseanne - Hair: Roseanne keeps her new job sweeping floors in a beauty parlor despite her humiliation.
11:30 AMRoseanne - I'm Hungry: Roseanne and Dan sneak snacks while exercising to lose weight.
12:00 PMRoseanne - All of Me: Jackie's new romance seems to be getting serious, until Roseanne interferes.
12:30 PMRoseanne - To Tell the Truth: Roseanne and Jackie stop speaking to each other because of Jackie's new romance.
1:00 PMReba - Sister Act: Kyra punches a classmate who attacked her sister's reputation.
1:30 PMReba - Fight or Flight: Everyone panics when Kyra disappears in the middle of the night.
2:00 PMReba - The Big Fix-Up: Barbara Jean arranges a blind date for reluctant Reba; Van uses his bonus to buy a new sports car.
2:30 PMReba - The Good Girl: Trying to be more wild, Reba takes Van's new sports car for a joy ride and scratches it.
3:00 PMReba - Happy Pills: Barbra Jean comes to Reba for advice when she suspects that Brock is cheating on her.
3:30 PMReba - Girls' Night Out: Reba and Barbra Jean have a bar brawl during Cheyenne's birthday night out.
4:00 PMReba - Core Focus: Barbra Jean enlists Reba's help to break the news to Brock that she wants another baby.
4:30 PMReba - The Accidental Role Model: Reba is put in the middle of Brock and Barbara Jean's marital woes.
5:00 PMLast Man Standing - Restaurant Opening: During the grand opening of The Outdoor Man Grill, Kristin feels like Ed is undermining her.
5:30 PMLast Man Standing - Vanessa Fixes Up Eve: Vanessa sets Eve up with a student -- not realizing that Eve may already be dating someone.
6:00 PMLast Man Standing - Daddy Dearest: During a hunting trip, Ryan's father, Victor, reveals the true motive behind his visit.
6:30 PMLast Man Standing - Pilot: Mike sets Mandy up with Kyle, one of his employees, but Kyle accidentally meets Kristin instead.
7:00 PMLast Man Standing - Last Baby Proofing Standing: Against Mike's wishes, the rest of the family decides to baby-proof the house.
7:30 PMThe Replacements: A football coach recruits ragtag players during a strike.
10:00 PMStill The King - Flatbushes  : Vernon's hometown honors him with a statue of his likeness and Vernon doesn't approve.
10:30 PMStill The King - Showcase Showdown  : Vernon readies his band for a big gig he doesn't have booked yet.
11:00 PMThe Replacements: A football coach recruits ragtag players during a strike.