28 August 2014

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  • Guest co-hosts October Gonzalez and Sage Steele; Brad Paisley performs.
  • Local Programming
  • The Chew
    Actor Michael Ealy; grilled lamb chops with lavender salt; pairing sauces with grilled foods.
  • Sierra learns that her girlfriend has found a romantic interest in her friend …
  • Cassandra meets the man she believes is her birth father and they …
  • The Bill Cunningham Show
    Guests confront loved ones addicted to fame.
  • Bethenny
    Reza Farahan (``Shahs of Sunset''); author David Zinczenko; Yvette Nicole Brown (``Community''…
  • Cedric the Entertainer; cholesterol; dangers of shapewear.
  • TMZ Live
  • Steve Harvey
    The worst dater in Oregon; Antoinette Tuff; George Wallace; Jerry Seinfeld.
  • Local Programming
  • Sami and Kate panic when they learn of Stefano's return; E.J. hangs over …
  • Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
    The children put on a show at school, each doing something that makes them …
  • Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
    The children create dancing dragon; students decorate the classroom for Teacher Harriet's …
  • Game rules change at …
  • Buddy wants to learn …
  • Comic Joan Rivers.
  • When Dean and Sam receive a message from Kevin, they decide to try and uncover the …
  • Brennan makes a shocking discovery while trying to identify a Jane Doe.
  • Brennan and Booth investigate the site of a train wreck with high-profile victims.
  • The team battles local biases while investigating the murder of a Marine officer.
  • The NCIS team must track down a wanted terrorist who has obtained a chemical weapon.
  • Ducky goes under cover to stop the illegal sale of the Navy's top-secret weapons system.
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  • «  Veronica Mars
    Veronica turns amateur …
  • Hard Knocks: Training Camp With the Atlanta Falcons
    Fifteen …
  • A man obsesses over his daughter's talent for spelling. Based on a novel by Myla Goldberg.
  • Members of a film crew …
  • Riddick
    Wanted criminal Riddick confronts two teams of mercenaries.
  • A corporate downsizing …
  • «  Step Up Revolution
    Dancers band …
  • A woman with an unfaithful boyfriend experiences an alternate reality.
  • Scary Movie V  »
    New parents use expert advice and numerous cameras to …
  • «  As Cool as I Am
    A teen discovers that her parents' marriage is not as strong as she once …
  • A blind ex-colonel takes his preppie guide on a lust-for-life trip to New York.
  • Shipping Wars
    Marc tackles a load …
  • Shipping Wars
    Jenn's load of medical …
  • Shipping Wars
    Jessica encounters bad …
  • A date reignites Jarrod …
  • Rene and Casey arrive …
  • Brandi and Jarrod: Married to the Job
    Jarrod turns to an unlikely family member for advice on …
  • Oddballs and gophers …
  • A chief deputy and his team pursue an escaped fugitive accused of killing two government agents.
  • Mike makes giant bells at the McShane Bell Foundry.
  • Mike helps New Orleans residents restore and rebuild.
  • Mike spends the day chasing feral chickens and chicks off the streets of Miami.
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  • A boy chronicles his adventures, as he navigates through a scary place known as middle school.
  • Mordecai, Rigby and Eileen celebrate Margaret's new …
  • Mordecai, Rigby and Muscle Man have to replace fireworks for an event at the …
  • The Tom and Jerry Show
  • Teen Titans Go!
    Starfire's new pet …
  • CMT Music
    Music videos.
  • George Strait
  • A fed-up country singer escapes his manager and falls for a Texan on her ranch.
  • At This Hour With Berman and Michaela
    Breaking news and developing …
  • Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield
    Exploring the day's most compelling legal …
  • Wolf
    Wolf Blitzer discusses issues in the nation's capital and breaking stories around the world.
  • A single mother becomes a housekeeper for a laid-back chef and his neurotic wife.
  • Rumors of a promotion …
  • The guys all need a copy of a new video game for very different …
  • truTV Top Funniest
    Broadcast professionals fail in front of a live audience. Two badminton …
  • truTV Top Funniest
    A reality show reveal goes haywire; game show contestants flub their way …
  • truTV Top Funniest
    An amateur daredevil combines one mattress with a two-story staircase.
  • ESPN's flagship program provides sports news, highlights and analysis.
  • ESPN's flagship program provides sports news, highlights and analysis.
  • 2014 U.S. Open Tennis  »
    From the USTA National Tennis Center in Flushing, N.Y.
  • Foods from a movie theater concession stand are used by the bakers; some make …
  • Trisha's Southern Kitchen
  • Truffle mac and …
  • Athletes, Brandi Chastain, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Greg Louganis and Charles Oakley compete.
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  • Breaking news reports.
  • Outnumbered
    Four female panelists and one male colleague share their perspectives on the day's top …
  • Breaking news reports.
  • Amid racial unrest a …
  • The Tourist
    A man's flirtation with an alluring stranger pulls him into a dangerous game of cat and mouse.
  • Local Programming
  • NewsNation
    Tamron Hall provides context and informed perspectives on the stories making headlines.
  • Andrea Mitchell Reports
    Interviews with political figures with host Andrea Mitchell.
  • Ronan Farrow Daily
    Ronan Farrow offers his take on the stories and issues of the day in this …
  • Ridiculousness
    Michael B. Jordan; ``Bad Bro-…
  • Ridiculousness
    Sterling and Chanel; ``…
  • 2014 MTV Video Music Awards  »
    From the Forum in Inglewood, Calif.; performers include Beyonc, Usher, Nicki Minaj and Maroon 5.
  • Wallykazam!
    Wally and Norville head out …
  • PAW Patrol
    The PAW Patrol searches for …
  • Dora and Friends: Into the City!
    Dora, Pablo, and Naiya travel to ancient times to break the spell of a magic ring …
  • Rabbids Invasion
    The Rabbids drive …
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  • The models must create and star in a commercial; the models …
  • The eliminated contestants join the finalists for a runway …
  • Sisterhood of Hip Hop
    The MC's find that balancing personal problems with professional …
  • «  Sand Sharks
    A prehistoric predator is released from underground by an earthquake to terrorize …
  • A vengeful scientist traces the Loch Ness monster to Lake Superior.
  • California's Fresno Bulldogs have been running in the city's streets for three decades.
  • The United Blood Nation of New York City.
  • Street gangs infiltrate the U.S. military.
  • A petty …
  • The Steel Trap
    A woman convinces her husband to return the money he embezzled from his bank before it is missed.
  • A priest joins Falangists in the Spanish Civil War and is taken prisoner …
  • «  El Cartel
  • Fina Estampa
  • Four Weddings
    A wedding feast; backyard treats; a traditional banquet hall; an intimate winery.
  • Four Weddings
    From an ocean-front wedding, to a hotel ballroom, to a family winery.
  • Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar's family gets even bigger with the birth …
  • Ghost Stories
    The Cuban Club in Ybor …
  • Ghost Stories
    Some believe the ghost …
  • Most Terrifying Places in America
    A private residence is heavily haunted; an oak is said to be property of the …
  • Most Terrifying Places in America
    A powerhouse in the Industrial Revolution; …
  • The Dead Files
    A family home is being haunted and a mother is concerned about the safety of her …
  • Walker and Trivette must rescue Alex and a wealthy businessman before …
  • An outlaw, after eight years as a farmer, rejoins his old gang to rob the freight office.
  • Candy strives to help an Army sergeant clear himself of desertion charges.
  • Candy and …
  • Como Dice el Dicho
    Dramatizaciones de historias que se asemejan a los dichos populares que …
  • La Fuerza del Destino
    La historia de amor entre Ivn y Luca, la hermana de Maripaz quien tuvo un hijo con Ivn.
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  • Dating Naked
    After having no luck on the dating scene at home, a couple arrive in paradise eager to find …
  • Candidly Nicole
    A psychic tells Nicole that …
  • A New York WASP and a feisty Latina wed when a one-night fling leaves her pregnant.