30 May 2015

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10:30 PMFury: On the way to see his sweetheart a man is wrongly jailed and besieged by a lynch mob.
12:15 AMIntruder in the Dust: Mississippi whites help a man framed for murder. Based on the book by William Faulkner.
2:00 AMBrainstorm: Researchers develop a helmet which allows its wearer to feel another person's recorded sensations.
4:00 AMThe Ice Pirates: Space raider Jason and his sidekick help a princess find her father, an explorer seeking water.
6:00 AMButterfield 8: A Manhattan call girl has a tragic affair with a rich married man. From the John O'Hara book.
8:00 AMBrigadoon: New Yorkers hunting in the Scottish Highlands find a magic village that fell asleep in 1754.
10:00 AMThe Member of the Wedding: The family cook helps a 12-year-old tomboy and her younger playmate grow up in small-town Georgia.
12:00 PMTop Hat: A woman believes that an enamored dancer is her best friend's husband.
2:00 PMThe Bad Seed: Odd fatal accidents lead a woman to realize that her 8-year-old daughter was born to kill.
4:15 PMThe Carey Treatment: A Boston doctor hunts a killer to clear a colleague charged with an abortion-related manslaughter.
6:15 PMMystery Street: A Harvard doctor's study of a female skeleton leads a Boston police detective to a killer.
8:00 PMThe Cowboys: Eleven schoolboys hired by an Old West rancher grow up fast on a 400-mile cattle drive.
10:30 PMNorth to Alaska: A prospector brings a French girl back from Seattle to his partner in gold-rush Alaska.
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