6 July 2015

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9:30 PMThe Great Dictator: Barber who looks like dictator meets fellow dictator.
12:00 AMThe Thanhouser Studio and the Birth of American Cinema: A history of a studio in New Rochelle, N.Y., that released more than 1,000 films from 1910 to 1917.
1:00 AMThe Cry of the Children: A mill owner lives a pampered existence, while his poor workers cannot make ends meet. Silent.
1:25 AMPetticoat Camp: Couples go on a camp-out for fun and relaxation. Silent.
1:50 AMThe Evidence of the Film: A messenger boy is accused of stealing $20,000 in bonds. Silent.
2:15 AMDonkey Skin: A princess hides her beauty with a donkey skin to avoid her father, cursed to be her husband.
4:00 AMThe Universe of Jacques Demy: An examination of the director's films includes interviews and clips from each of his works.
6:00 AMSome of the Best: A showcase of memorable scenes from early Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer film productions.
7:00 AMThe Romance of Rosy Ridge: A mysterious Civil War veteran courts a Missouri farmer's daughter amid postwar unrest.
9:00 AMIf Winter Comes: A writer of British schoolbooks befriends a pregnant girl, and it costs him his wife and job.
10:45 AMThe Doctor and the Girl: The doctor son of a New York doctor marries a shopgirl, and the son's sister gets pregnant.
12:30 PMHoliday Affair: A war widow has a 6-year-old son, and two men who want to marry her for Christmas.
2:15 PMThat Forsyte Woman: Scandal follows when a Forsyte's wife loves her niece's fiance in Victorian England.
4:15 PMTwo Tickets to Broadway: An unknown singer gets his girlfriend's quartet on bandleader Bob Crosby's live television show.
6:15 PMPete Kelly's Blues: A bootlegger strong-arms a jazz cornetist and his combo at a 1920s Kansas City speakeasy.
8:00 PMLittle Miss Marker: Bookie Sorrowful Jones receives a little girl as an IOU in the Damon Runyon tale.
9:30 PMNow and Forever: An international swindler and his partner girlfriend make room for his honorable little daughter.
11:00 PMBright Eyes: A millionaire, his niece and a pilot love a little orphan who sings ``On the Good Ship Lollipop.''
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