23 October 2016

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10:00 PMFrankenstein Must Be Destroyed: The baron makes a couple help him put a mad doctor's brain in another doctor's body.
12:00 AMThe Phantom Carriage: A ghostly carriage driver takes a drunkard on a tour of his wasted life. Silent.
2:00 AMThe Housemaid: A maid and a composer hide an illicit relationship.
4:00 AMThe Satan Bug: An ex-Army agent must find flasks of a deadly virus before a mad millionaire can use them.
6:00 AMIs My Face Red?: A gossip columnist knows all and tells all until it all catches up to him.
7:15 AMPanama Flo: A stranded New York chorus girl keeps house for an oilman; then her boyfriend arrives.
8:30 AMUnashamed: A debutante's brother stands trial for killing her no-good lover.
10:00 AMA Woman of Experience: The Austrians recruit a prostitute to spy on an officer suspected of being a spy.
11:30 AMMy Woman: A successful radio star ignores his wife.
1:00 PMHollywood Round-Up: A stuntman tries to clear his name of theft after escaping from jail.
2:15 PMHollywood: The Dream Factory: The MGM auction and the studio's history.
3:15 PMThe Gorgon: A 19th-century professor's assistant has snakes for hair and turns her victims into stone.
4:45 PMThe Curse of Frankenstein: The condemned baron recalls making a mute monster in his own image.
6:15 PMRasputin, the Mad Monk: A Russian mystic worms his way into the czar's court.
8:00 PMHorror of Dracula: The legendary vampire leaves Transylvania for the blood-rich shores of England.
9:30 PMDracula, Prince of Darkness: Four tourists dine and spend the night at Dracula's castle; two escape and warn a monk.
11:15 PMDracula Has Risen From the Grave: The vampire count bites a tavern waitress and a monsignor's niece, then falls on something sharp.