19 October 2017

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10:00 PMSissi: The Young Empress: A young woman tries to adapt to her new life as Austria's empress.
12:00 AMSissi: The Fateful Years of an Empress: In Vienna, young Austrian Empress Sissi contracts a potentially fatal bout of tuberculosis.
2:00 AMForever, My Love: Austrian Emperor Francis Joseph courts and marries his cousin, Bavarian Princess Elisabeth.
4:45 AMThe Story of Vickie
6:45 AMThe Secret Land: Footage shows Adm. Richard Byrd's 1946-47 antarctic expedition.
8:00 AMWith Byrd at the South Pole: Adm. Richard Byrd documents his Antarctic journey.
9:30 AMSavage Splendor: African expedition footage includes animals, landscapes and the crowning of a 300-pound tribal king.
10:45 AMPicturesque South Africa: A tour of South Africa, beginning in Cape Town.
11:00 AMBelow the Sahara: A look at the flora, fauna and native cultures of the African continent.
12:15 PMKing Solomon's Mines: A noble singing native takes a white hunter into darkest Africa on a search for biblical treasure.
1:45 PMWatusi: Explorer Allan Quatermain's son comes to Africa to continue the search for King Solomon's mines.
3:15 PMTrader Horn: Two traders and one's bride face natives, a stampede and crossfire in World War I Africa.
5:15 PMAdventure Girl: A man and his daughter sail through a storm and outrun natives in Guatemala.
6:30 PMManhunt in the Jungle: British Cmdr. George M. Dyott searches the 1928 Amazon for lost explorer Col. P.H. Fawcett.
8:00 PMThe Crowd: Though confident that he's destined for success, a young man becomes an anonymous failure. Silent.
10:00 PMSounder: A sharecropper's wife keeps the family together after he goes to prison in 1930s Louisiana.
12:00 AMLocal Programming