4 August 2015

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11:15 PMStage Door: New York chorus girls room at a theatrical boardinghouse while waiting for their big break.
1:00 AMThe Hucksters: A World War II veteran rejoins Madison Avenue and plays dirty for a ruthless soap tycoon.
3:00 AMThe Tall Target: A New York policeman thwarts an 1861 plot to kill President Lincoln on a train.
4:30 AMNew Moon: A Russian princess loves an army lieutenant but must wed a governor.
6:00 AMCalifornia Conquest: A Spanish swashbuckler and a gunsmith's daughter oppose a Russian plot to annex California.
7:30 AMEscapade in Japan: Rescued from a plane, an American boy sets out with a Japanese boy to find his parents in Tokyo.
9:15 AMThe Steel Trap: A woman convinces her husband to return the money he embezzled from his bank before it is missed.
10:45 AMThe Actress: Supported by her mother, a New Englander finally tells her salty father she wants to be an actress.
12:30 PMCasanova Brown: A shy teacher kidnaps his out-of-wedlock baby and raises her in a hotel room with a maid's help.
2:30 PMMrs. Miniver: An Englishwoman leads her husband and family through World War II.
5:00 PMThe Best Years of Our Lives: William Wyler's Oscar-winning account of the postwar readjustment of three veterans and their wives.
8:00 PMThe Little Foxes: In the Deep South, greedy Regina blackmails her brothers and lets her husband die.
10:15 PMShadow of a Doubt: A girl thinks her visiting uncle is the strangler dubbed the Merry Widow Murderer.
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