20 October 2014

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10:30 PMJulie: A stewardess runs for her life once she realizes her second husband killed her first.
12:15 AMKean: A famous actor falls in love with an ambassador's wife. Silent.
2:45 AMEl Sur: A girl in northern Spain recalls her childhood and her father, a doctor from the south.
4:30 AMSpirit of the Beehive: In 1940, a 7-year-old girl scours the countryside looking for a monster.
6:15 AMNight Parade: Mobsters tempt a boxing champ to throw a fight; his manager father finds out.
7:30 AMRio Rita: A Texas Ranger falls for a woman he suspects is the sister of a bandit he is pursuing.
9:15 AMSide Street: Three New York Irish brothers cross paths as policeman, doctor and bootlegger.
10:30 AMConspiracy: A woman is united with her reporter boyfriend after proving herself innocent of murder.
11:45 AMFramed: A racketeer's daughter loves the son of the policeman who killed her father.
1:00 PMHe Knew Women: A rich man's poor girlfriend loves a writer kept by a rich widow.
2:30 PMLadies of the Jury: A society matron persuades her fellow jurors that a young widow did not commit murder.
3:45 PMThe Pay-Off: An honorable gangster romances a flapper and is judged by the underworld.
5:00 PMToo Many Cooks: Busybody relatives jinx an engaged couple who are building their dream house.
6:30 PMWay Back Home: A taffy pull, a barn dance and other situations call for a singing preacher with a goatee.
8:00 PMSaboteur: An innocent man on the run hunts wartime spies, and the pursuit takes them to the Statue of Liberty.
10:00 PMKings Row: Sin surrounds a Freudian doctor, his playboy buddy and the buddy's girlfriend in a circa-1900 town.
12:15 AMLocal Programming