26 May 2017

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10:00 PMSergeant York: Tennessee pacifist Alvin C. York becomes a World War I hero.
12:30 AMAbove and Beyond: A colonel can't tell his wife he's training to bomb Hiroshima.
2:45 AMHell to Eternity: A Marine raised by Japanese foster parents gets rowdy with his buddies and becomes a hero on Saipan.
5:00 AMThe Fighting Sullivans: The Iowa Sullivans raise five sons who join the Navy and are killed on the Junewau in World War II.
7:00 AMTarget Zero: A U.S. lieutenant holds a ridge in Korea with his men, a U.N. woman and three Britons in a tank.
8:45 AMThe Hook: A U.S. sergeant and two privates are ordered to kill a wounded prisoner during the Korean War.
10:30 AMOne Minute to Zero: An Army colonel fighting in Korea loves a war widow working with the United Nations.
12:30 PMThe Rack: A Korean War hero is court-martialed for treason for breaking under torture as a prisoner of war.
2:30 PMMen in War: A platoon leader, a sergeant and a shellshocked colonel try to regroup in Korea.
4:30 PMThe Steel Helmet: A wounded GI sergeant makes his way back with a Korean orphan and a medic.
6:00 PMBattle Hymn: The story of Dean Hess, a WWII pilot who became a minister and went to Korea to open an orphanage.
8:00 PMNo Time for Sergeants: A Georgia rube joins the peacetime Air Force and talks back to his sergeant.
10:30 PMMister Roberts: Ensign Pulver plots cargo officer Mr. Roberts' escape from their nit-picking captain.
12:45 AMLocal Programming