30 March 2017

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11:30 PMThat '70s Show - Eric Gets Suspended: Eric gets suspended from school while holding Donna's cigarette; Hyde and Fez go on a double date.
12:00 AMThat '70s Show - Red's Birthday: While Bob and Midge decide to have an open marriage, Eric questions what it means to be a boyfriend.
12:30 AMThat '70s Show - Laurie Moves Out: When Laurie gets a place of her own, Red finds fault with her less-than-chaste living arrangements.
1:00 AMThat '70s Show - Eric's Stash: Eric accuses Hyde of stealing his stash of money; Jackie prepares for a beauty pageant.
1:30 AMThat '70s Show - Hunting: Red joins Bob and the boys on a hunting trip; the girls play poker.
2:00 AMThat '70s Show - Red Gets a Job: Red applies for a supervisor position at a new supermarket, but is offered a clerk job.
2:30 AMThat '70s Show - Burning Down the House: Jackie's house goes up in flames after Kelso brings his friends to her elegant dinner party.
3:00 AMThat '70s Show - The First Time: Donna and Eric take their relationship to the next level; Bob and Midge renew their wedding vows.
3:30 AMThat '70s Show - Afterglow: Donna and Eric bemoan the lack of fireworks during their special night; Red buys a motorcycle.
4:00 AMPortlandia - Portland Secedes: Fred and Carrie help Portland secede; the eco-terrorists receive an award for Best Protest.
4:30 AMRush: Grand Prix racers James Hunt and Niki Lauda share an intense rivalry.
7:15 AMThe 41-Year-Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It: Sex-crazed buddies try to help a middle-aged man lose his innocence.
9:15 AMThe Comebacks: The unluckiest coach in college football takes over the sport's worst team.
11:15 AMMeet the Spartans: Thirteen strapping warriors must protect their homeland from invading Persians and bad punch-lines.
1:00 PM48 HRS.: A rumpled detective and a slick convict hunt a killer in San Francisco.
3:15 PMAnother 48 HRS.: Slick jailbird Reggie hits the street with sloppy policeman Jack, this time to nab a drug king.
5:30 PMMeet the Parents: A woman's father thinks her boyfriend is unworthy.
8:00 PMDue Date: A high-strung man takes a road trip with an annoying stranger.
10:00 PMMeet the Parents: A woman's father thinks her boyfriend is unworthy.
12:30 AMLocal Programming