11 July 2014

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11:30 PMPair of Kings - The Young and the Restless: Two old hags take a magic potion and become pretty girls to attract Brady and Boomer.
12:00 AMPair of Kings - Beach Party Maggot Massacre: Labeled for throwing the worst party ever, the twins invite their class to an epic beach party.
12:30 AMDoraemon - Noby, the Great Illusionist; My Best Friend Doraemon  : Sneech swindles Noby out of a valuable trading card; Doraemon lends Sneech one of his gadgets.
1:00 AMPac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures - Spooka-Bazooka!  : Betrayus comes up with a plot to conquer PacWorld.
1:30 AMPhineas and Ferb - Wizard of Odd, Part I & II: Phineas and Ferb spin the house in order to paint it more quickly.
2:00 AMFish Hooks - Pamela Hamster Returns; Parasite Fright: Milo's hamster girlfriend visits.
2:30 AMFish Hooks - Riding in Cars With Fish; Milo's Big Idea: Oscar takes his driving test; Milo invents a fridge hat.
3:00 AMCamp Lakebottom - Pranks for Nothing; Zombie Dearest  : McGee releases a mischievous pixy named Hanky Pranky; McGee gets involved in Sawyer's troubles.
3:30 AMPhineas and Ferb - Sidetracked: Agent P teams up a human agent to stop a hijacked train.
4:00 AMRandy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja - McOne Armed and Dangerous; Shloomp! There It Is!  : The Ninja outs McFist as a villain to the town; Randy becomes dependent on the Nomicon's wisdom.
4:30 AMKick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil - Truth or Daredevil Part 1 & 2: Kick learns his grandfather was a military spy.
5:00 AMKick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil - Stumped Again; The Kick Stays in the Picture: Kick has a tough choice to make; Hush hosts a contest.
5:30 AMUltimate Spider-Man - Revealed  : The plans of Dr. Octopus and Osborn collide.
6:00 AMSlug Terra - Snowdance  : The Shane Gang gets trapped inside a frozen cavern.
6:30 AMPac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures - Pac to the Future  : Pac and his friends get sent into the past and got to meet his parents.
7:00 AMThe 7D - Surprise; Welcome to the Neighborhood  : The 7D and Lord Starchbottom plan a surprise party for Queen Delightful; disguises.
7:30 AMKickin' It - The Amazing Krupnick  : When Jack and Jerry learn that Milton is a talented magician, they use his skills to make money.
8:00 AMMighty Med - Night of the Living Nightmare  : Kaz and Oliver are exhausted and stuck working the overnight shift during a lunar eclipse.
8:30 AMLab Rats - Hole in One  : The Lab Rats inadvertently ruin Davenport's new painting.
9:00 AMLab Rats - Adam Up  : Adam and Leo use Davenport's cloning device to create another Adam.
9:30 AMPhineas and Ferb - Steampunx; It's No Picnic: Phineas and Ferb discover an old coin and go back in time; Isabella plans a picnic for Phineas.
10:00 AMThe 7D - Sir Yipsalot and the Goose; Starchy Takes a Break  : The 7D spring into action to rescue Queen Delightful's royal pup Sir Yipsalot.
10:30 AMPhineas and Ferb - Knot My Problem; Mind Share: Candace believes she will have an easy day; the boys ask her to get mom.
11:00 AMGravity Falls - Boss Mabel  : When Mabel questions the way Stan runs the Shack, he challenges her to a bet.
11:30 AMWander Over Yonder - The Hero; The Birthday Boy  : Sir Brad Starlight helps Wander set out to fulfill his dreams.
12:00 PMPac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures - The Pac Be With You  : Pac learns new fighting techniques from Blinky.
12:30 PMDoraemon - The Not So Lucky, Lucky Cards!; Big G: Master Chef!  : Noby finds a deck of cards that grants 52 wishes; Big G has a newfound passion for cooking.
1:00 PMWander Over Yonder - The Greatest; The Egg  : Lord Hater sets out to control the universe; Wander and Sylvia try to soften the heart of a dragon.
1:30 PMWander Over Yonder - The Picnic; The Fugitives  : Wander has a picnic next to Lord Hater's epic battle.
2:00 PMWander Over Yonder - The Good Deed; The Prisoner  : Something horrible happens whenever a Wander does a good deed.
2:30 PMThe Suite Life of Zack & Cody - Day Care: Maddie starts up a day care service at the Tipton; Mr. Moseby takes up yoga to help him relax.
3:00 PMCrash & Bernstein - Monster Crash  : Crash believes a trucker hat brings him luck.
3:30 PMZeke and Luther - Skater Girl Island: Zeke and Luther must find the ultimate skate girl. Hayley Kiyoko guest stars.
4:00 PMKickin' It - The Commercial  : Rudy decides he wants to act but fumbles his audition, so Jack steps in to help.
4:30 PMLab Rats - Parallel Universe  : Leo is accidentally sucked into Davenport's new invention and transported into a parallel universe.
5:00 PMToy Story OF TERROR!: When Woody, Buzz and the gang stop at a motel, one of them goes missing.
5:30 PMWander Over Yonder - The Epic Quest of Unfathomable Difficulty; The Void  : Wander forces Sylvia to go on an epic quest; Wander and Sylvia enter a white void.
6:00 PMWander Over Yonder - The Day; The Night  : Sylvia wakes up to find that she and a sleeping Wander are imprisoned on Hater's ship.
6:30 PMWander Over Yonder - The Fancy Party; The Tourist  : Lord Hater competes against Wander for the affections of a queen; Wander becomes very competitive.
7:00 PMPhineas and Ferb - The Klimpaloon Ultimatum: Phineas and the gang help Love Handel prove the existence of Klimpaloon, a magical bathing suit.
7:30 PMPhineas and Ferb - Thanks But No Thanks; Troy Story: Candace discovers that a neighbor has witnessed all of Phineas and Ferb's summer antics.
8:00 PMGravity Falls - Double Dipper  : When Stan throws a party, Dipper uses a copy machine to make clones of himself.
8:30 PMGravity Falls - Irrational Treasure  : When Dipper and Mabel discover that the town founder is a hoax, they set out to expose the cover-up.
9:00 PMKickin' It - RV There Yet?  : When Jack and Milton can't stop arguing, Rudy insists on quality bonding time by taking a road trip.
9:30 PMLab Rats - Three Minus Bree  : Bree is accepted for a high school semester abroad program but Davenport won't let her go.
10:00 PMLab Rats - Which Father Knows Best?  : Davenport's attempts at rebuilding Bree's bionic chip fail, forcing Leo to go behind his back.
10:30 PMLab Rats - Principal from Another Planet  : Leo is determined to record the bizarre events he believes take place during a lunar eclipse.
11:00 PMZeke and Luther - Tall Stack of Waffles: Luther decides to retire his skateboard after hearing he will grow to be over seven feet tall.
11:30 PMZeke and Luther - Airheads: Zeke and Luther seek a new hobby to give their skating skills a breather.
12:00 AMLocal Programming