28 July 2015

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11:45 PMGarlic Is As Good as Ten Mothers: A history on garlic and its many uses.
12:45 AMHot Pepper: The life and work of Zydeco artist Clifton Chenier.
1:45 AMThe Blues Accordin' to Lightin' Hopkins: A portrait of Texas bluesman 'Lightnin' Hopkins.
2:30 AMA Well Spent Life: A tribute to the Texas musical performer Mance Lipscomb.
3:30 AMSprout Wings and Fly: The life of Appalachian fiddler Tommy Jarrell.
4:15 AMIn Heaven There Is No Beer
5:15 AMGod Respects Us When We Work but Loves Us When We Dance: ``Love-In,'' Easter Sunday, 1967, in Los Angeles.
6:00 AMJewel Robbery: A bored baroness falls for a debonair burglar at work.
7:15 AMOne Way Passage: A condemned man and dying woman fall in love on a ship from Hong Kong to San Francisco.
8:30 AMThe Kennel Murder Case: Doberman fancier Philo Vance solves clubby murders on Long Island.
9:45 AMRendezvous: A Washington puzzle editor traps spies after his girlfriend gets him a job as a wartime decoder.
11:30 AMThe Great Ziegfeld: The life and times of Broadway showman Florenz Ziegfeld and his two wives.
2:30 PMLife With Father: An autocrat heads his 1880s New York household, but his wife runs it.
4:30 PMThe Heavenly Body: Astronomer's neglected wife thinks an air-raid warden is the mystery man her astrologer predicted.
6:15 PMI Love You Again: A businessman snaps out of 9-year amnesia, reverts to con man and falls in love with his wife.
8:00 PMI Know Where I'm Going!: A young Englishwoman aims to marry a tycoon but finds love with a naval officer instead.
10:00 PMSeparate Tables: An alleged war hero, a spinster and other long-term guests interact at a seaside British resort.
12:00 AMLocal Programming