10 July 2014

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11:15 PMHoly Matrimony: British painter plays dead, poses as his valet.
1:00 AMOn Again, Off Again: Business partners wrestle each other, making the loser the winner's butler.
2:30 AMThe Earl of Chicago: A Chicago bootlegger goes to England with his lawyer to claim his estate as the Earl of Gorley.
4:15 AMFools for Scandal: An incognito Hollywood star in Paris meets a penniless nobleman who follows her to London.
6:00 AMMGM Parade: Greta Garbo; Ann Christy; Irene Papas; host Walter Pidgeon.
6:30 AMUnexpected Uncle: A lingerie salesgirl's supposed uncle guides her romance with a tycoon.
8:00 AMScreen Directors Playhouse - The Carroll Formula  : A college professor stumbles upon a formula for shrinking things.
8:30 AMThe Big Fisherman: Peter's conversion sways a young woman and a young Arab.
11:15 AMScreen Directors Playhouse - The Day I Met Caruso  : A 10-year-old girl befriends a man on a train.
11:45 AMLizzie: A psychiatrist treats a woman of three faces: neurotic Elizabeth, wanton Lizzie, charming Beth.
1:30 PMScreen Directors Playhouse - The Dream  : A young man (Sal Mineo) dreams of searching for his dead father.
2:00 PMMan to Man: An ex-convict comes home to a collegiate son who wants nothing to do with him.
3:15 PMScreen Directors Playhouse - High Air  : A father (William Bendix) and son (Dennis Hopper) must reconcile to cope with a tunnel disaster.
3:45 PMTeresa: A World War II veteran and his Italian bride live uneasily with his parents in New York.
5:30 PMScreen Directors Playhouse - Markheim  : A man is forced to sell his belongings to pay off debt.
6:00 PMFight for Your Lady: A wrestling trainer coaches a U.S. singer caught flirting with a swordsman's girlfriend in Hungary.
7:30 PMScreen Directors Playhouse - Number Five Checked Out  : A deaf woman (Teresa Wright) confronts desperate crooks in a resort cabin.
8:00 PMSalesman: Profiles door-to-door Bible salesmen in Boston, Chicago, Miami.
9:45 PMThe Times of Harvey Milk: Filmmaker Robert Epstein profiles the slain San Francisco gay-rights activist.
11:30 PMCome Back, Africa: A black South African leaves his farm and tries to make a living in Johannesburg.