1 July 2015

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10:30 PMMame: Wiped out by the crash of '29, a woman marries a Georgia millionaire and lives life to the fullest.
1:00 AMThe Philadelphia Story: A snooty socialite fights with her ex-husband and flirts with a reporter.
3:00 AMHigh Society: A socialite's ex-husband and a magazine writer show up for her wedding and cause havoc.
5:00 AMHollywood My Hometown: Behind-the-scenes film clips feature Hollywood stars in candid moments.
6:00 AMPayment Deferred: An English bank clerk gets away with murder, but then again he doesn't.
7:30 AMThe Barretts of Wimpole Street: Victorian poet Robert Browning courts invalid poet Elizabeth Barrett despite her stern father.
9:30 AMThe Tuttles of Tahiti: A lazy man, his son and the rest of their clan live for fun and games on a tropical isle.
11:15 AMThe Man From Down Under: An ex-boxer/sergeant brings an orphaned Belgian boy and girl home to Australia after World War I.
1:15 PMThe Canterville Ghost: A GI billets in a relative's castle, haunted by a cowardly 300-year-old ghost.
3:00 PMPassport to Destiny: A London scrubwoman stows away to France, bound for Berlin to kill Hitler.
4:15 PMCaptain Kidd: The king of England asks pirate Kidd to escort ships plying treasures from India.
5:45 PMYoung Bess: Henry VIII's daughter Elizabeth has a forbidden romance with naval hero Thomas Seymour.
8:00 PMJeremiah Johnson: An 1830s loner becomes a Rockies mountain man.
10:00 PMLittle Big Man: An ancient frontiersman recalls his checkered life. Based on the novel by Thomas Berger.
12:30 AMLocal Programming