26 July 2017

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11:30 PMFriends - The One With the Truth About London: Monica shares a startling revelation about her and Chandler's London trip from years ago.
12:00 AMFriends - The One With the Cheap Wedding Dress: Monica competes with another bride for a discount wedding dress.
12:33 AMFriends - The One With Joey's Award: Joey resorts to theft when his ``Soapie'' nomination doesn't yield a legitimate win.
1:06 AMThe Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - Ill Will: Will gets his tonsils removed; Geoffrey's pending book worries the Banks family.
1:39 AMThe Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - Eyes on the Prize: Needing a game-show partner, Will must choose between bickering friends.
2:12 AMThe Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - Those Were the Days: Will meets an activist from the 1960s and takes her message to heart.
2:45 AMThe Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - Vying for Attention: Will dislikes his mother's new boyfriend; guest Raven-Symone.
3:18 AMGeorge Lopez - Show Dyslexic The: George admits something embarrassing about himself in order to help Max cope with dyslexia.
3:51 AMGeorge Lopez - The Unnatural: Baseball's premier players teach George the true meaning of the game.
4:24 AMGeorge Lopez - No Free Launch: Max tries to raise funds for a trip to Cape Canaveral in Florida.
4:57 AMGeorge Lopez - The Wedding Dance: George asks intoxicated Angie to dance with him at a wedding.
5:30 AMGeorge Lopez - Love Bites: George and Angie revisit the birds and the bees as Carmen matures.
6:00 AMGeorge Lopez - Charity: George and the children find they can't get along without Angie.
6:30 AMGeorge Lopez - This Old Casa: Sick of being unappreciated by his mother, George remodels Benny's bathroom.
7:00 AMSpongeBob SquarePants - Goo Goo Gas; Le Big Switch: Plankton creates a gas that turns everyone at the Krusty Krab into babies.
7:30 AMSpongeBob SquarePants - Picture Day; Pat No Pay; Blackjack: SpongeBob's parents are missing.
8:00 AMSpongeBob SquarePants - Krusty Towers; Mrs. Puff, You're Fired: The Krusty Krab is a hotel.
8:30 AMTeam Umizoomi - Animal School House: The team searches through the Umi City school to find Farmer Dan's missing animals.
9:00 AMPAW Patrol - Pups Save a Hoedown; Pups Save Alex  : A herd of cows escapes from a train at the railway station; Alex wants to be part of the PAW Patrol.
9:30 AMPAW Patrol - Pups Save the Space Alien; Pups Save a Flying Frog  : The PAW Patrol helps an extra-terrestrial after his spaceship crash lands at Farmer Yumi's place.
10:00 AMPAW Patrol - Pups Save Friendship Day  : The pups must prevent Mayor Humdinger from ruining Adventure Bay's reputation as a friendly town.
10:30 AMBubble Guppies - The New Year's Dragon!: The Guppies are excited for China's Lunar New Year Festival, where they will operate a giant dragon.
11:00 AMBubble Guppies - Puppy Love!: A veterinarian takes care of Bubble Puppy when he has a cold.
11:30 AMBlaze and the Monster Machines - Knight Riders  : Blaze and Crusher discover a medieval kingdom is holding a royal race.
12:00 PMBlaze and the Monster Machines - Mega Mud Robot  : When Gasquatch's money goes missing, Blaze must help him find it before the toy store closes.
12:30 PMPAW Patrol - Pups Leave Marshall Home Alone; Pups Save the Deer  : Marshall must head out for a rescue on his own when Katie calls with an emergency.
1:00 PMRusty Rivets - Rusty Digs In; Rusty's Brave Cave Save  : The key to the city goes missing; Sammy gets trapped in a cave while spelunking.
1:30 PMPAW Patrol - Pups Save Alex's Mini-Patrol; Pups Save a Lost Tooth  : Alex sets up his own mini-patrol; Alex loses his first tooth and then misplaces it.
2:00 PMSpongeBob SquarePants - The Abrasive Side; Earworm: SpongeBob orders a product that will help him learn to say no; a song is stuck in SpongeBob's head.
2:30 PMSpongeBob SquarePants - 20,000 Patties Under the Sea; The Battle of Bikini Bottom: An old submarine becomes a mobile Krusty Krab.
3:00 PMSpongeBob SquarePants - The Getaway; Lost and Found: SpongeBob mistakes an escaped convict for his driving instructor; SpongeBob gets lost.
3:30 PMThe Loud House - The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos  : When Ronnie Anne and Bobby visit their crazy extended family, Bobby fits in great.
4:00 PMThe Loud House - The Sweet Spot; A Tale of Two Tables  : Lincoln has a plan to get the best seat in the car; Lincoln needs to prove he is mature.
4:30 PMThe Loud House - ARGGH! You for Real?; Garage Banned  : Lincoln and Clyde find out that ``ARGGH!'' is coming to town; Lori moves to the garage.
5:00 PMThe Loud House - Health Kicked  : The children worry that their parents are hurting their health from not being active.
5:30 PMWelcome to the Wayne - Today Was Wassome  : Ansi joins forces with Wendell Wasserman to track down the Wayne's last remaining vampire.
6:00 PMThe Loud House - April Fools Rules; Cereal Offender  : Lincoln has a plan to avoid Luan's pranks; the Loud children make a trip to the supermarket.
6:30 PMHenry Danger - The Bucket Trap  : Henry and Charlotte want to tell Jasper that Henry is really Kid Danger.
7:00 PMHenry Danger - I Know Your Secret  : When Henry receives a series of mysterious notes from someone, he begins to worry.
7:30 PMThe Thundermans - The Neverfriending Story  : When Phoebe and Max's friends begin spending time with each other, the twins worry.
8:00 PMIce Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs: Manny, Diego and the gang encounter dinosaurs during a mission to rescue Sid. Animated.
10:00 PMNashville - Speed Trap Town: Gunnar faces the ghosts of his past; Maddie and Juliette are nominated for the same music award.
11:00 PMFriends - The One With Ross and Monica's Cousin: Ross and Monica's attractive cousin visits and stirs the passions of all the men who meet her.
11:30 PMFriends - The One With Rachel's Big Kiss: Rachel encounters a sorority sister with whom she shared an embarrassing moment.
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