28 May 2015

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11:30 PMMartin - Do the Fight Thing: Martin is reluctant when Stan encourages him to invite Gina back on his show.
12:00 AMMartin - I Saw Gina Kissing Santa Claus: Martin plays Santa for Tommy's ``big brother'' program.
12:30 AMMartin - The Break-Up: Martin becomes dramatically depressed when a minor quarrel with Gina escalates into a breakup.
1:00 AMThe Wayans Bros. - Jump: Marlon and Shawn's jokes about Dee's competence may cost her her job.
1:30 AMThe Wayans Bros. - Pop Gets Evicted: A real-estate mogul buys the building housing the newsstand and the diner.
2:00 AMThe Wayans Bros. - Crazy 4 You: Marlon and Shawn vie for the attentions of a beautiful psychiatrist (Shari Headley).
2:30 AMThe Wayans Bros. - Hip Hop Pops: Marlon and Shawn take depressed Pops to a dance club on his birthday.
3:00 AMThe Wayans Bros. - Everybody Loves Shawn: Shawn accompanies Marlon to the set of his show and wins a bit role.
3:30 AMThe Wayans Bros. - Dream Girl: A famous singer (Paula Abdul) finds Shawn's indifference irresistible.
4:00 AMMTV2 Music Mix: Hip hop, EDM, and Rock music videos.
5:00 AMMTV2 Music Mix: Hip hop, EDM, and Rock music videos.
6:00 AMMTV2 Music Mix: Hip hop, EDM, and Rock music videos.
7:00 AMMTV2 Music Mix: Hip hop, EDM, and Rock music videos.
8:00 AMMTV2 Music Mix: Hip hop, EDM, and Rock music videos.
9:00 AMTrue Life - I Can't Have Sex: Solutions to chronic medical conditions that make sexual intercourse unbearable.
10:00 AMTrue Life - Secrets, Lies & Sex: Two young men hide the fact that they are attracted to men.
11:00 AMTrue Life - I Am Celibate: Some young people decide to make celibacy part of their lives.
12:10 PMTrue Life - I'm a Sugar Baby: Three people discuss the consequences of taking cash and gifts for their company.
1:20 PMSmart Guy - The Code: T.J. (Tahj Mowry) learns what it means to be a tattletale. With John Marshall Jones.
1:55 PMSmart Guy - Don't Do That Thing You Do: T.J. steals the limelight when the band's keyboardist breaks his finger.
2:30 PMSmart Guy - Lab Rats: T.J and Mo use Marcus and Yvette as subjects in a lab experiment.
3:05 PMSmart Guy - A Little Knowledge: T.J. becomes a contestant on a television game show when the family's finances become shaky.
3:40 PMSmart Guy - Baby, It's You and You and You: T.J.'s father, brother and sister arrange for T.J. to have three dates to the prom.
4:15 PMEverybody Hates Chris - Everybody Hates DJs: Chris becomes popular when he fills in for the neighborhood DJ, who is arrested during a party.
4:50 PMEverybody Hates Chris - Everybody Hates Hall Monitors: Chris' classmates do not take him seriously when he signs up to be a hall monitor.
5:25 PMEverybody Hates Chris - Everybody Hates Snow Day: After mistakenly going to school on a snow day, Chris must stay in the building with the principal.
6:00 PMEverybody Hates Chris - Everybody Hates Chain Snatching: When Chris thwarts Malvo's attempt to steal a gold chain, he has one day to produce a replacement.
6:30 PMEverybody Hates Chris - Everybody Hates Cutting School: Chris and Greg get caught cutting school to see a movie; Rochelle helps at the school's book fair.
7:00 PMMy Wife and Kids - Thru Thick and Thin: When Janet returns, Michael remains silent about her obvious weight gain.
7:30 PMMy Wife and Kids - He Heard, She Heard: Michael looks to teach Claire a lesson after she sneaks out of the house.
8:00 PMMy Wife and Kids - Michael's Garden: Janet convinces Michael to have a procedure during a physical examination.
8:30 PMMy Wife and Kids - Let Them Eat Pie: Junior dares Claire to eat Michael's piece of lemon-meringue pie.
9:00 PMMy Wife and Kids - Jay Gets Fired: After a bad business decision costs Jay her job, she becomes a homemaker.
9:30 PMMy Wife and Kids - The Whole World Is Watching: Janet buys Junior expensive computer equipment without first consulting Michael.
10:00 PMMy Wife and Kids - Letting Go: Michael accidentally kills Kady's hamster but does not tell her.
10:30 PMMy Wife and Kids - Learning to Earn It: When the children start their own businesses to increase their cash flow, Junior chooses to gamble.
11:00 PMMartin - The Break-Up: Tension grows when Gina dates Pam's cousin and runs into Martin and his new girlfriend.
11:30 PMMartin - The Break-Up: Billy Dee Williams guest stars on Martin's radio show and gives him advice about Gina.
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