18 August 2017

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11:30 PMThe Golden Girls - Sophia's Wedding: Sophia and Max (Jack Gilford) return from their honeymoon and open a food stand on the boardwalk.
12:00 AMThe Golden Girls - Brother, Can You Spare That Jacket?: Blanche's tattered jacket, containing a winning lottery ticket, is given to charity.
12:30 AMThe Golden Girls - Scared Straight: Blanche learns that her brother is gay after he claims to have slept with Rose.
1:00 AMFrasier - The Babysitter: Frasier and Martin fall for the boys' childhood sitter; Niles begins to show anxiety.
1:30 AMFrasier - The Placeholder: Frasier feels like a fifth wheel at dinner; Roz is determined to find someone for Frasier.
2:00 AMFrasier - I'm Listening: Frasier overhears his dad's new girlfriend make a date with another man.
2:30 AMFrasier - Maris Returns: Maris re-enters Niles' life; Frasier returns to private practice.
3:00 AMFrasier - Murder Most Maris: Niles is fingered as an accomplice when his ex-wife is arrested for the murder of her Latin lover.
3:30 AMFrasier - Guns 'N Neuroses: Frasier and Lilith go on a blind date; Niles and Daphne urge Martin to get rid of his gun.
4:00 AMCheers - Finally!: Sam faces a moral dilemma as he debates telling Rebecca about Robin's (Roger Rees) cheating ways.
4:30 AMCheers - Woody or Won't He?: Woody is more than a little concerned when his girlfriend's mother makes passes at him.
5:00 AMI Love Lucy - Bull Fight Dance: Lucy is tricked into accepting the role of a bull in a television drama.
5:30 AMI Love Lucy - Hollywood Anniversary: Desperate over having forgotten their wedding anniversary, Ricky searches for the date.
6:00 AMI Love Lucy - The Star Upstairs: Lucy plots with a bellhop to meet Cornel Wilde.
6:30 AMI Love Lucy - In Palm Springs: Lucy and Ethel go to Palm Springs; guest Rock Hudson.
7:00 AMI Love Lucy - Dancing Star: Lucy extends an invitation to a dance by throwing herself at Van Johnson.
7:30 AMI Love Lucy - Lucy and Harpo Marx: Lucy dresses as various celebrities to impress a vision-impaired Carolyn Appleby; guest Harpo Marx.
8:00 AMThe Middle - Pam Freakin' Staggs: Frankie starts hanging out with a woman who was popular in high school.
8:30 AMThe Middle - A Quarry Story: Mr. Ehlert forces Frankie to work on the lot for a day to collect money from an old check.
9:00 AMLove by Chance: A woman has no idea that her mother is trying to find a perfect man for her.
11:00 AMLove in Paradise: A woman finds out that an actor who portrays cowboys is actually a city slicker.
1:00 PMSummer in the City: A woman from a small Midwestern town lands a big promotion managing a store in Manhattan.
3:00 PMCampfire Kiss: A single mother meets a single father during a camping trip with her son.
5:00 PMStranded in Paradise: Laid off from her job, a woman embarks on a getaway to Puerto Rico and meets a handsome man.
7:00 PMSummer in the Vineyard: When Frankie and Nate agree to host a celebration, the pressure is on them to make a big splash.
9:00 PMEat, Play, Love: A veterinarian secretly loves the owner of a dog shelter, who's already engaged.
11:00 PMThe Golden Girls - Zborn Again: Dorothy will not heed Sophia's advice about the rekindled romance with Stan (Herb Edelman).
11:30 PMThe Golden Girls - How Do You Solve a Problem Like Sophia?: Sophia must be prevented from joining a convent; Blanche is in an accident.
12:00 AMLocal Programming