22 July 2017

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11:00 PMLove & Hip Hop: Atlanta - The Reunion: Part 1  : Mimi and Karlie exchange words as the cast reunites; Stevie and Tommie reveal juicy information.
12:00 AMLove & Hip Hop: Atlanta - The Reunion: Part 2  : The cast discusses its Jamaican trip and what really happened with Karlie and Joc.
1:00 AMLove & Hip Hop: Hollywood - Dirty Little Secrets  : Exclusive footage from the first three seasons; casting tapes; outtakes; extended scenes.
2:00 AMLove & Hip Hop: Hollywood - La La Land  : Teairra Mari tries to hold on to her feelings for Ray J; Soulja Boy and Nia want to build a future.
3:00 AMLove & Hip Hop: Hollywood - Ex'd Out  : Nikki discovers that her boyfriend has lived with another woman; Nia finds a compromising picture.
4:00 AMLove & Hip Hop: Hollywood - Moving On  : Teairra tries to stop loving Ray J; Hazel and Teairra prove the illusion of Hollywood friendships.
5:00 AMLove & Hip Hop: Hollywood - Claim Game  : Soulja Boy tries to save his relationship with Nia; Hazel sees Berg for who he is.
6:00 AMLove & Hip Hop: Hollywood - Truth Be Told  : Omarion must choose between his mother and the mother of his child; Ray J questions loyalty.
7:00 AMLove & Hip Hop: Hollywood - Exit Stage Left  : Nikki has second thoughts about Mally Mall's; Fizz catches Amanda in a compromising position.
8:00 AMLove & Hip Hop: Hollywood - Busted  : Teairra and Berg cement their musical marriage; Hazel competes for Berg's acceptance.
9:00 AMLove & Hip Hop: Hollywood - Dissed and Dismissed  : Masika and Berg get close, angering Hazel; Ray J tries to move forward.
10:00 AMLove & Hip Hop: Hollywood - Face the Music  : Masika's billboard causes tension with Nikki; Apryl and Omarion get ready for parenthood.
11:00 AMLove & Hip Hop: Hollywood - Gossip Girl  : News that could change Nia's relationship with Soulja boy; Teairra reveals secrets about Ray J.
12:00 PMLove & Hip Hop: Hollywood - Treading Water  : Nia gets devastating news; Hazel and Teairra work on their friendship; Fizz wants to move forward.
1:00 PMLove & Hip Hop: Hollywood - Matters of the Heart  : Fizz and Moneice work on their relationship; Omarian and Rick Ross make music together.
2:00 PMLove & Hip Hop: Hollywood - The Reunion  : The cast reunites; executive producer Mona Scott-Young revisits the season's dramatic moments.
3:00 PMLove & Hip Hop: Hollywood - The Reunion  : Nikki and Masika face-off; an altercation between Princess and Moran spirals out of control.
4:00 PMLove & Hip Hop: Hollywood - The Real  : Moniece introduces her new love interest; Miles tries to keep his relationship a secret.
5:00 PMLove & Hip Hop: Hollywood - Friend or Foe  : A former friend interferes with Nia and Soulja Boy's relationship; Milan wants Miles to move in.
6:00 PMLove & Hip Hop: Hollywood - Ring of Fire  : Max leaves his wedding ring at home, making Brandi wonder what he is hiding.
7:00 PMLove & Hip Hop: Hollywood - LA Confidential  : Fizz rekindles his romance with Nikki; Princess wants to catch Teairra in her lies.
8:00 PMLove & Hip Hop: Hollywood - Mum's the Word  : Ray and Princess have a falling-out; Amber puts pressure on Miles.
9:00 PMLove & Hip Hop: Hollywood - The Revelation  : Teairra's false friendship is called out; Willie tries getting out of his contract.
10:00 PMLove & Hip Hop: Hollywood - Truth  : Miles tells Amber and his family the truth; Max and Brandi resolve their ring issues.
11:00 PMLove & Hip Hop: Hollywood - About A Boy  : Fizz seeks help in raising his son; Amber learns that Miles is with Milan; Hazel has an accident.
12:00 AMLocal Programming