14 July 2014

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11:36 PMEverybody Loves Raymond - The Toaster: Frank and Marie exchange Ray's Christmas gift, an engraved toaster, for a coffee maker.
12:12 AMEverybody Loves Raymond - Ping Pong: Ray challenges his father to a game of table tennis after learning that he purposely let him win.
12:48 AMEverybody Loves Raymond - Pants on Fire: Robert jumps into the ``favorite son'' position after Marie learns about a wild party Ray held.
1:24 AMEverybody Loves Raymond - Robert's Date: Robert undergoes a radical change when he starts hanging out with his partner and her friends.
2:00 AMEverybody Loves Raymond - Frank's Tribute: Ray and Robert create a video for their father after he is elected the lodge's ``Man of the Year.''
2:30 AMHot in Cleveland - Murder House: The ladies are stuck in the house with some unwanted guests during a super storm.
3:00 AMJennifer Falls - The Virginity Thief  : Jennifer and Dina learn that they both lost their virginity to the same guy.
3:30 AMThree's Company - Jack's Tattoo: Jack enters the hospital to have a tattoo removed.
4:00 AMThree's Company - Jack Takes Off: Jack agrees to pose in the nude for an art class.
4:30 AMThree's Company - Forget Me Not: Jack feigns amnesia after wrecking Janet's car.
5:00 AMThree's Company - The Heiress: One of Janet's customers names her in his will.
5:30 AMThree's Company - Cupid Works Overtime: Jack falls for a busy stewardess (Mary Cadorette).
6:00 AMThe Brady Bunch - Hawaii Bound: When Mike takes the whole family with him on a business trip to Hawaii.
6:30 AMThe Brady Bunch - Pass the Tabu: While in Hawaii, Jan finds an ancient idol and incidents of bad luck begin to happen.
7:00 AMThe Brady Bunch - The Tiki Caves: While returning an ancient idol to its resting place, the boys are menaced by an archaeologist.
7:30 AMThe Brady Bunch - Today I Am a Freshman: Marcia panics at the thought of entering high school and signs up for every club to make friends.
8:00 AMThe Brady Bunch - Cyrano De Brady: When Peter fails in his efforts to attract Jan's new girlfriend, he asks Greg for help.
8:30 AMThe Brady Bunch - The Show Must Go On?: Marcia talks her mother into appearing with her in the high-school family frolics.
9:00 AMHot in Cleveland - Playmates: The ladies are surprised by how they are portrayed in a play that was written and directed by Elka.
9:30 AMJennifer Falls - Staycation  : Jennifer wants to reward her daughter with a ``staycation'' in the backyard.
10:00 AMWho's the Boss? - Reconcilable Differences: Angela's efficient new clerk clashes with Mona.
10:36 AMWho's the Boss? - Mona: Mona's brother used her money to buy a hotel.
11:12 AMWho's the Boss? - Moving Episode: Tony seeks freedom in Mona's vacant apartment.
11:48 AMWho's the Boss? - Frankie and Tony Are Lovers: Angela vies with a woman from Tony's past at a charity auction.
12:24 PMWho's the Boss? - Walk on the Mild Side: Bored Angela pursues a high-school fantasy.
1:00 PMThree's Company - A Man About the House: Chrissy and Janet try to convince their landlord that their new male roommate is gay.
1:30 PMThree's Company - And Mother Makes Four: Chrissy's mother visits for the first time since Jack moved in with the girls.
2:00 PMThree's Company - Roper's Niece: Convinced that Jack is gay, Roper decides that he is a safe date for his visiting niece.
2:30 PMThree's Company - No Children, No Dogs: Larry gives Jack and the girls a puppy even though Roper doesn't allow pets.
3:00 PMThree's Company - Jack the Giant Killer: Jack feels guilty about not standing up to a tough guy who makes a play for Chrissy.
3:30 PMThree's Company - It's Only Money: The roommates fear the rent money has been stolen.
4:00 PMThe Cosby Show - The Boys of Winter: Former NBA stars portray doctors who play a basketball game against younger women.
4:30 PMThe Cosby Show - It Comes and It Goes: Sondra and Elvin get child-rearing advice from their families.
5:00 PMThe Cosby Show - Theo's Women: Theo's girlfriend (Michelle Thomas) catches him kissing another woman.
5:38 PMThe Cosby Show - Birthday Blues: Cliff tries to ease Clair's 46th-birthday blues by having a friend (Placido Domingo) serenade her.
6:16 PMThe Cosby Show - What He Did for Love: Theo's friend unwittingly gives an expensive watch to his girlfriend.
6:54 PMThe Cosby Show - Day of the Locusts: Elvin's mother and Clair use Sondra's strep throat as an excuse to take the babies.
7:27 PMThe Cosby Show - 57 Varieties: Cliff and Clair are reluctant to let Theo go with his class on an Egyptian archaeological dig.
8:00 PMThe Cosby Show - The Boys of Winter: Former NBA stars portray doctors who play a basketball game against younger women.
8:30 PMThe Cosby Show - It Comes and It Goes: Sondra and Elvin get child-rearing advice from their families.
9:00 PMThe King of Queens - Slippery Slope: Carrie discovers that their ski weekend getaway was motivated by a promotion for a free plasma TV.
9:30 PMThe King of Queens - Buy Curious: Carrie convinces Doug to buy their deceased neighbor's house.
10:00 PMThe King of Queens - Vocal Discord: Carrie and Doug decide marriage counseling is in order and turn to their neighbor for help.
10:30 PMThe King of Queens - Like Hell: Doug learns he was the only person not invited to a barbecue.
11:00 PMEverybody Loves Raymond - Cruising With Marie: Ray goes on a Caribbean cruise with Marie after Frank hurts his knee.
11:30 PMEverybody Loves Raymond - Ray Home Alone: Ray spends time with his friend (Kevin James) while the family is away.
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