24 August 2016

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11:00 PMBizarre Foods America - Washington D.C.  : Snakehead pulled from the Potomac; pupusas at a Salavdoran restaurant; peanut butter sandwiches.
12:00 AMAndrew Zimmern's Driven by Food - Bangkok  : Andrew learns Bangkok's secrets with the help of two local cab drivers.
1:00 AMBizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern - Oaxaca: Ant Tortillas and Grasshopper Tacos: Winged ants, grilled intestines, grasshoppers and dried beef hearts.
2:00 AMBizarre Foods America - Washington D.C.  : Snakehead pulled from the Potomac; pupusas at a Salavdoran restaurant; peanut butter sandwiches.
3:00 AMBizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations - Seattle  : Seattle's most iconic foods including Dungeness crab and teriyaki.
3:30 AMBizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations - Albuquerque  : Albuquerque's desert gems, from enchiladas to nut rolls are unveiled.
4:00 AMTai Chi Master!: Learn to master the 18 fundamental moves of Tai Chi in just 90 days!
4:30 AMGreen Tea: Try Green Tea Free Today!
5:00 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
5:30 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
6:00 AMSave $2700 per year / Fresher Food Today!: The new FoodSaver(R) 2-in-1 system gives you more ways to save.
6:30 AMNever Fear Power Outages: Stand up to unpredictable weather and unforeseen outages with Generac - the most trusted name.
7:00 AMGreen Tea: Try Green Tea Free Today!
7:30 AMRegrow Hair With The Number 1 Clinically Proven System For Women: Number 1 hair regrowth system exclusively for women. Clinically proven ingredients for fuller hair.
8:00 AMPlanet Primetime - Magic of Bollywood  : Learning about Bollywood dancing, variety shows and crime dramas in India.
8:30 AMPlanet Primetime - Brazilian Bum Bum  : Sexy soap operas and bare-skinned booty in Brazil, the largest Catholic population on earth.
9:00 AMExtreme Vacation Homes - Malibu, Jamaica, Barbados and Hong Kong  : Rock star royalty at a Caribbean castle; a Malibu mansion; a historic island oasis.
9:30 AMExtreme Vacation Homes - Whislter; Malibu; Thailand; Miami & the Grenadines  : A Miami mansion right on the beach; a Whistler estate nestled high in the mountains.
10:00 AMExtreme Vacation Homes - Italy, Washington, Grenada & The UK  : A 50-million dollar villa; a Caribbean castle; a 19th century British fort.
10:30 AMExtreme Vacation Homes - Miami, Barbados, Hamptons and Laguna Beach  : A Miami castle complete with its own moat; a California mansion steeped in old Hollywood lore.
11:00 AMExtreme Vacation Homes - Grenada, Thailand, Hamptons & Italy  : A Caribbean cave house fit for a Bond villain; an Italian oasis in the heart of Florence.
11:30 AMExtreme Vacation Homes - Jamaica, Italy, Whistler and Washington  : A ski chalet on steroids in the mountains of Whistler; an ancient castle on the Amalfi Coast.
12:00 PMExtreme Vacation Homes - Grenadines, Italy, Florida Keys & the Hamptons  : A medieval Tuscan villa with some startling secrets; a very modern seaside haven in the Hamptons.
12:30 PMExtreme Vacation Homes - Thailand, Laguna Beach, Washington and the UK  : A stunning villa in the Himalayas of Thailand; a Laguna Beach mansion.
1:00 PMFood Paradise - London: The finest fish and chips; scones with clotted cream; American barbecue; famous Indian fare.
2:00 PMFood Paradise - Hog Heaven: Pork's best from plump shoulder to a fall-off-the-bone whole hog.
3:00 PMBizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern - Baja Mexico: Andrew explores the peninsula and the food of Baja in Mexico.
4:00 PMBizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern - China: Beijing: Andrew samples imperial dishes and hot pot street snacks in Beijing.
5:00 PMBizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern - Amsterdam: Squealing Eels & Stroopwafels: Unique re-inventions of traditional Dutch recipes in Amsterdam.
6:00 PMExpedition Unknown - Captain Morgan's Lost Gold  : The search for treasure chests off the Panama coast.
7:00 PMExpedition Unknown - The Legend of Jesse James  : The search for the legendary gold loot of Jesse James.
8:00 PMExpedition Unknown - Viking Sunstone  : The secrets of Viking Sunstone; a crypt in a Nordic church.
9:00 PMExpedition Unknown - Insider's Guide: Genghis Khan's Tomb  : Josh travels to Mongolia's ``Forbidden Zone'' to find Genghis Khan's tomb.
10:00 PMExpedition Unknown - Curse of the Golden Bell  : The ancient cursed Golden Bell of King Dhammazedi.
11:00 PMExpedition Unknown - Incan King's Mummy  : Josh seeks a long-lost Incan mummy high in the Andes Mountains.
12:00 AMLocal Programming