2 September 2014

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11:30 PMStreet Fighter: Commandos and their leader raid a psychotic warlord's hideout to rescue 63 hostages.
1:15 AMSoul Plane: Passengers and crew enjoy a wild party aboard an airliner flying from Los Angeles to New York.
2:45 AMJarhead: Marines band together during the Gulf War. Based on a book by Anthony Swofford.
5:00 AMNixon: Feelings of inferiority haunt the 37th president.
8:15 AMThe Sixth Man: A college athlete returns from the dead to help his brother's basketball team win the NCAA title.
10:05 AMThat's What I Am: A teacher pairs a boy with an outcast student to work on a class project.
12:00 PMDick Tracy: Comic-strip detective vs. gangsters and Breathless Mahoney.
1:45 PMMeeting Evil: An unwitting family man takes a joy ride from hell with an insane killer.
3:15 PMIt's a Disaster: Four couples having Sunday brunch discover the world is ending.
4:45 PMPassion Play: A musician tries to keep an enigmatic woman out of a merciless gangster's clutches.
6:20 PMDangerous Minds: Teacher seeks to inspire urban delinquents.
8:00 PMSave the Last Dance: A white teen falls for a black student who also loves dance.
10:00 PMAround June
11:35 PMEvery Day: A TV writer struggles to keep afloat amid a wave of crises at work and home.