6 March 2015

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10:00 PMAround the World in 80 Days: An inventor and two sidekicks circle the globe. Based on a book by Jules Verne.
12:00 AMWelcome to the Punch: A notorious criminal's return to London gives a detective a final chance to bring him to justice.
1:40 AM360: A man searches for his missing daughter in one of several vignettes.
3:30 AMFar From Home: A teen and her father run out of gas at a Nevada trailer park where a killer lurks.
5:00 AMBarricade: A raging winter storm traps a man and his children with a sinister force.
6:25 AMThe Importance of Being Earnest: Complications arise after two bachelors make use of the same pseudonym in 19th-century England.
8:00 AMIt's a Disaster: Four couples having Sunday brunch discover the world is ending.
9:30 AMA Low Down Dirty Shame: A former Los Angeles policeman helps a DEA agent on a case similar to the one that ended his career.
11:10 AM2 Days in New York: A photographer receives a visit from her overbearing Parisian family.
12:50 PMApril Rain: Members of a special military unit must prevent a terrorist attack on the United States.
2:25 PMProzac Nation: During the 1980s a female collegian with a bright future battles clinical depression.
4:00 PMHappy-Go-Lucky: Poppy, a North London schoolteacher, irritates the people around her with her cheerful optimism.
6:00 PMElizabethtown: A flight attendant helps a man get back on track.
8:05 PMHateship Loveship: A teen tricks her new caretaker into believing that her father is falling in love with the woman.
10:00 PMThe To Do List: A studious teenager wants to lose her virginity before entering college in the fall.
11:45 PMThe Canyons: The discovery of an illicit affair leads two Angelenos on a tour through human nature's dark side.