25 July 2016

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11:30 PMVeiled Aristocrats: A black lawyer who can pass for white returns home.
12:30 AMWithin Our Gates: A woman of mixed race returns to Boston to raise money for a Southern school. Silent.
2:00 AMTouki Bouki: Two poor Senegalese men steal money and clothing, then book passage to France to start new lives.
3:45 AMSymbiopsychotaxiplasm: Take One: Filmmaker William Greaves provokes his cast and crew, then documents their revolt.
5:00 AMNo More Excuses: A Civil War-era soldier awakes in 1968 New York.
6:15 AMSadie McKee: A maid has romances with a two-timer, a boozing millionaire and the master of the house.
8:00 AMVagabond Lady: A janitor's daughter finds herself courted by her boss's two sons, one stuffy and one wild.
9:15 AMI Live My Life: An archaeologist and a New York heiress fight their way to the altar.
11:00 AMThe Florodora Girl: The shyest member of the Florodora Sextette holds out for romance in the Gay '90s.
12:30 PMBachelor Bait: A marriage-license clerk loses his job and opens a thriving matchmaking service.
2:00 PMNever the Twain Shall Meet: A San Francisco importer inherits custody of a Polynesian beauty.
3:30 PMPeg O' My Heart: An Irish villager's daughter must leave home and live with British aristocrats to inherit a fortune.
5:00 PMLove in the Rough: Singing lovers and a caddy make the most of a golf course.
6:30 PMLady With a Past: A rich wallflower pays a fellow American to be her escort in Paris.
8:00 PMThe Long Gray Line: Irish immigrant Marty Maher spends 50 years as a coach at the U.S. Military Academy.
10:30 PMThe Bamboo Prison: A U.S. sergeant spies in a North Korean camp by posing as a traitor among fellow prisoners of war.
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