25 May 2017

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11:15 PMCosmic Monsters: Huge insects from Planet X invade Earth after a scientist blows a hole in the ozone layer.
12:45 AMThe Wasp Woman: Enzyme beauty treatments make a cosmetics tycoon waspy.
2:00 AMSwamp Thing: A government agent seeks a bayou scientist and finds a big, green monster who likes her.
4:00 AMThe Killer Shrews: A boat captain and his girlfriend run from a mad scientist's shrews which are the size of dogs.
5:15 AMTCM Presents Under the Influence - Bill Murray: Actor Bill Murray discusses his favorite films, actors and roles.
5:45 AMBaby Face Harrington: A wimpy insurance clerk with a nagging wife is taken hostage by gangsters.
7:00 AMGirl in the Show: Simon Legree courts little Eva while stranded with their ``Uncle Tom's Cabin'' troupe.
8:30 AMWar Nurse: American Army nurses find time for romance with soldiers while serving in World War I France.
10:00 AMMen Must Fight: The secretary of state's wife and son oppose a 1940 war, ending with an air raid on New York.
11:30 AMBridal Suite: A rich American playboy dumps his greedy girlfriend for a poor Swiss innkeeper in the Alps.
12:45 PMDancing Co-ed: A studio press agent plants a girl in a college so she can win a bogus talent search.
2:15 PMThe Kid From Texas: A cowhand loves polo and an heiress who shares his passion in the Old West.
3:45 PMDulcy: An inventor's girlfriend helps him market a new airplane carburetor.
5:15 PMWashington Melodrama: A newsman links his fiancee's millionaire father to a chorus girl's murder.
6:45 PMPierre of the Plains: A trapper from the Canadian backwoods falls in love with a barmaid.
8:00 PMThe Wings of Eagles: The story of pioneer Navy pilot turned Hollywood screenwriter Frank W. ``Spig'' Wead.
10:00 PMSergeant York: Tennessee pacifist Alvin C. York becomes a World War I hero.
12:30 AMLocal Programming