9 February 2016

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11:00 PMInside the NFL - 2015 Super Bowl Recap: Highlights and analysis of the Super Bowl.
12:00 AMShameless - Refugees: Frank helps Erica through the cancer concierge process; Debbie works to be a shoulder for Tyler.
1:00 AMFear: A deranged suitor torments family and friends of a teen girl with whom he is obsessed.
2:35 AMThe Crow: A black bird resurrects a rock musician who then avenges his own murder and his fiancee's.
4:20 AMThe Hundred-Foot Journey: A haughty French restaurateur objects to an Indian eatery next to her acclaimed establishment.
6:30 AMEchoes of War: A Civil War veteran confronts neighboring ranchers who steal animals from his family's traps.
8:15 AMThe War: A Vietnam veteran teaches his son and daughter what is worth fighting for in 1970 Mississippi.
10:30 AMNacho Libre: To raise money for an orphanage, a Mexican cook named Ignacio moonlights as a professional wrestler.
12:05 PMThe Weight of Water: A photojournalist investigates a double homicide from 1873. Based on the Anita Shreve book.
2:00 PMBringing Out the Dead: After too many years on the job, an EMS paramedic begins an emotional descent during 56-hour tour.
4:00 PMThe Condemned: Prisoners from all over the world fight to the death, while a live Internet audience watches.
6:00 PMFreedom Writers: A Los Angeles teacher inspires a class of at-risk students to believe in themselves.
8:15 PMMichael Jackson's Journey From Motown to Off the Wall: The cultural significance and lasting impact of the artist's solo album, ``Off the Wall.''
10:00 PMIn My Father's House: Rapper Che ``Rhymefest'' Smith reunites with his homeless father after 25 years.
11:35 PMInside the NFL - 2015 Super Bowl Recap: Highlights and analysis of the Super Bowl.