3 September 2015

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11:00 PMStar Trek: The Next Generation - Darmok: Picard encounters the leader of a civilization which communicates only in metaphor.
12:00 AMStar Trek: The Next Generation - Ensign Ro: A new officer accompanies Picard on an important mission.
1:00 AMStar Trek: The Next Generation - Silicon Avatar: A force threatens a Federation colony with destructive beams of light.
2:00 AMStar Trek: The Next Generation - Disaster: A natural force damages the Enterprise, trapping Picard and forcing Troi to act as captain.
3:00 AMStar Trek: The Next Generation - The Game: An electronic game causes physical addiction among its players.
4:00 AMStar Trek: The Next Generation - Unification: Picard and Data follow Spock (Leonard Nimoy) on an unauthorized mission to Romulus.
5:00 AMStar Trek: The Next Generation - Unification: Romulan treachery thwarts Spock's (Leonard Nimoy) peace plan.
6:00 AMCash in the Attic: People raise money by selling household items.
7:00 AMCash in the Attic: People raise money by selling household items.
8:00 AMKitchen Nightmares - Down City: Ramsay visits a Providence, R.I., restaurant to see if he can help the owners turn it around.
9:00 AMKitchen Nightmares - Greek at the Harbor: Ramsay tries to turn business around at failing California restaurant Greek at the Harbor.
10:00 AMDoctor Who - Victory of the Daleks: The Doctor and Amy meet Winston Churchill during a trip back to World War II.
11:00 AMDoctor Who - The Time of Angels: The Doctor hunts the last of the Weeping Angels through the Maze of the Dead.
12:00 PMStar Trek: The Next Generation - The Inner Light: Unconscious Picard is transported into another man's life.
1:00 PMStar Trek: The Next Generation - Time's Arrow: Data's head is among artifacts of an alien visit to 19th-century San Francisco.
2:00 PMTop Gear: The guys race from London to Edinburgh, traveling by locomotive, motorbike and a Jaguar XK120.
3:00 PMTop Gear: Finding the perfect car for a seventeen-year-old; a race between a McLaren F1 and a Bugatti Veyron.
4:00 PMTop Gear: Reasonably-priced small cars; stunt-driving legend Ken Block.
5:00 PMTop Gear: Deadly toys in the British Army's arsenal; racing the Royal Mail across the British Isles.
6:00 PMTop Gear: The boys are entered in a French ice race; Sienna Miller is the ``Star in a Reasonably Priced Car.''
7:00 PMTop Gear: Classic cars are put to the test against modern machines; Brian Johnson.
8:00 PMFrom Dusk Till Dawn: Desperadoes and a family encounter vampires.
10:00 PMFrom Dusk Till Dawn: Desperadoes and a family encounter vampires.
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