21 August 2017

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11:00 PMStar Trek: Voyager - Imperfection: Icheb puts his own life in danger in an attempt to save Seven of Nine.
12:00 AMStar Trek: Voyager - Drive: An impromptu space race leads to foul play, danger and a wedding.
1:00 AMStar Trek: Voyager - Repression: Tuvok leads a search for an attacker who preys only on those involved in the Maquis resistance.
2:00 AMStar Trek: Voyager - Critical Care: An alien society kidnaps the Doctor for his medical knowledge.
3:00 AMStar Trek: Voyager - Inside Man: A holographic message from Starfleet promises a homeward trip.
4:00 AMStar Trek: Voyager - Body and Soul: Seven of Nine tries to save the Doctor from Lokirrim captors.
5:00 AMStar Trek: Voyager - Nightingale: Harry gets a taste of command at the helm of a crippled alien ship.
6:00 AMDoctor Who - The Family of Blood: Smith and Jones are under siege.
7:00 AMDoctor Who - Blink: After people start to disappear, a woman finds cryptic messages from the Doctor.
8:00 AMDoctor Who - Utopia: Capt. Jack storms back into the Doctor's life; the Tardis travels to the end of the universe.
9:00 AMDoctor Who - The Sound of Drums: Harry Saxon becomes Prime Minister, but has dark ambitions.
10:00 AMDoctor Who - Last of the Time Lords: With The Doctor imprisoned by The Master, Martha endeavors to save the world.
11:00 AMDoctor Who - Voyage of the Damned: The Doctor tries to save the lives of the passengers on an orbiting cruise ship called Titanic.
12:00 PMStar Trek: The Next Generation - 11001001: Aliens hijack the Enterprise after their computer, a life-support system, breaks down.
1:00 PMStar Trek: The Next Generation - Too Short a Season: An admiral negotiating for the release of hostages hides the tragic outcome of an earlier situation.
2:00 PMStar Trek: The Next Generation - When the Bough Breaks: A hidden world's sterile inhabitants kidnap children from the Enterprise to save their own race.
3:00 PMStar Trek: The Next Generation - Home Soil: A microscopic creature threatens terraformers.
4:00 PMStar Trek: The Next Generation - Coming of Age: While Wesley takes the Starfleet Academy entrance exam, Picard submits to a competence evaluation.
5:00 PMStar Trek: The Next Generation - Heart of Glory: Worf must choose between career and heritage when a Klingon fugitive takes control of the ship.
6:00 PMStar Trek: The Next Generation - The Arsenal of Freedom: While probing a ship's disappearance, the crew battles a barrage of sophisticated weapons.
7:00 PMStar Trek: The Next Generation - Symbiosis: One world holds a cure for another's plague.
8:00 PMA Knight's Tale: A commoner jousts with nobles in 14th-century France.
11:00 PMA Knight's Tale: A commoner jousts with nobles in 14th-century France.