26 February 2017

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11:48 PMThe First 48 - End of the Line: A surveillance camera on a bus captures a shooting outside a Minneapolis church.
12:03 AMHoarders - Merlene; Jeff: An ex-supermodel fills her home with trash-bin treasures; shoe-repair supplies fill a man's home.
1:03 AMHoarders Overload - Cynthia & Ricky  : A woman with an autoimmune disease lives in a hoard; a man sleeps in a house packed with flammables.
2:13 AM24 to Life - A Family Divided  : James confronts his addiction-riddled mother; Candace must fight to keep her four children together.
3:13 AM60 Days In - Atlanta Sneak Peek  : A preview of the third season of the series.
3:16 AMThe First 48 - Jazz Funeral: New Orleans detectives hope a bullet casing will lead them to a shooter.
3:31 AMThe First 48 - Between Brothers: New Orleans homicide detectives investigate a case of fratricide.
3:47 AMThe First 48 - End of the Line: A surveillance camera on a bus captures a shooting outside a Minneapolis church.
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7:00 AMCriminal Minds - Lauren: Prentiss prepares to confront her nemesis finally; the team asks J.J. to help find Prentiss.
8:00 AMCriminal Minds - With Friends Like These ...: The team must stop a gang of suspected murderers that is targeting a new victim nightly.
9:00 AMCriminal Minds - Hanley Waters: The team must investigate targeted killings in Florida while dealing with feelings about Prentiss.
10:00 AMCriminal Minds - Scared to Death: A psychiatrist learns his victims' worst fears and uses the information to kill them.
11:00 AMCriminal Minds - Children of the Dark: The team believes that two suspects may be working together on home invasions and murders.
12:00 PMBates Motel - Quickie Catchup: Recalling events from the fourth season of the series.
12:30 PMBates Motel - Dark Paradise: Norman makes a troubling discovery; Dylan and Emma receive a surprise guest.
1:30 PMThe First 48 - Innocent Bystander: A fatal stabbing at a Texas strip mall leaves a policeman with more questions than answers.
2:00 PMThe First 48 - Bicycle Bandits; First Shot: A recent high-school graduate is shot and left to die in his father's arms.
3:00 PMThe First 48 - One of Ours: A retired police captain is killed in Miami and the manhunt extends to New Jersey.
4:00 PMThe First 48 - A Simple Plan; Out of the Shadows: A man is fatally shot during an attempted carjacking; a mother is murdered during a home invasion.
5:00 PMThe First 48 - Dangerous Attraction; Candy Lady: A Dallas man is shot in his sleep; a beloved Memphis, Tenn., ``candy lady'' is killed.
6:00 PMThe First 48 - Cranked: A police detective hunts a killer involved in the dangerous world of methamphetamine addiction.
7:00 PMThe First 48 - Bloody Valentine; Storm Warning: A man is shot to death while visiting his son; a home invasion may have been a contract killing.
8:00 PMThe First 48 - Love Hate; A Soldier's Life: A woman goes on the run after the murder of her boyfriend; an Army veteran gunned down in Atlanta.
9:00 PMCold Case Files - Little Girl Lost  : A young girl is kidnapped and killed on her way home from a costume party.
10:00 PMBates Motel - The Convergence of the Twain: Norman's date doesn't go as planned; Romero's frustrations reach a boiling point.
11:03 PMThe First 48 - Blood on Bourbon: The New Orleans homicide team investigates a mass shooting in the French Quarter.