25 April 2017

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10:15 PMA Kiss in the Dark: A concert pianist's manager buys him a building with tenants, one of whom catches his eye.
12:00 AMThe Green Promise: A stubborn farmer squashes one daughter's romance and another's dream to join the 4-H Club.
1:45 AMTea for Two: Broke 1929 heiress tries to back singer's Broadway show.
3:45 AMBilly Rose's Jumbo: A girl and her father unknowingly hire a rival's son to help them save their tiny circus.
6:00 AMSpeedy: A Babe Ruth fan saves his girlfriend's grandfather's horse trolley. Silent.
7:45 AMThe Clock: An office worker meets and marries a corporal on two-day leave in New York.
9:30 AM42nd Street: A Broadway producer sends in the understudy when his show's star twists her ankle.
11:15 AMThe Naked City: A New York police detective cracks the case of a blonde found slain in a tub.
1:15 PMKing Kong: A gigantic ape escapes his captors and carries a blonde up the Empire State Building.
3:15 PMAll About Eve: A Broadway star takes a young and seemingly naive aspiring actress under her wing.
5:45 PMBreakfast at Tiffany's: New York playgirl Holly Golightly puzzles a writer who lives in her building.
8:00 PMBound for Glory: Folk singer Woody Guthrie tours Depression-era work camps and spreads his word by radio.
10:45 PMAmerica, America: A young Greek escapes persecution in circa-1900 Turkey to come to America.