23 April 2017

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11:06 PMWhat on Earth? - Curses and Legends  : Bizarre markings observed from space in oceans and deserts across the planet.
1:10 AMNASA's Unexplained Files - Curse of the Gas Giant  : The Curiosity Rover finds something strange on Mars; detectives turn to NASA for help.
2:12 AMWhat on Earth? - Did We Find Flight 370?  : Investigators find a new clue about the missing Malaysia Airlines flight that disappeared in 2014.
3:12 AMHow It's Made: Hydroponic lettuce; construction wood; recycling; fishing flies.
3:40 AMHow It's Made: Winter jackets; animation; mushrooms; gold rings.
4:08 AMHow It's Made - Rubber Gloves, Soap Carvings, Aircraft Cabinets, Motorcycle Brake Locks: Rubber gloves; soap carvings; aircraft cabinets; motorcycle brake locks.
4:36 AMHow It's Made: Lace; antique frame replicas; orchids; unicycle wheel hubs.
5:04 AMHow It's Made: Firefighter boots; garden tools.
5:32 AMHow It's Made - Storage Sheds, Industrial Fans, Parchment Paper, Climbing Walls: Storage sheds; industrial fans; parchment paper; climbing walls.
6:00 AMHow It's Made: Tasers; canned soup; jaw harps; diving boards.
6:30 AMHow It's Made: Metal golf clubs; waffles; custom wires and cables; train wheels.
7:00 AMHow It's Made: Heated skate blades; gliders; hand bells; fire hoses.
7:30 AMHow It's Made: Farmed caviar; intake manifolds, motorcycle jackets; forged spades.
8:00 AMHow It's Made: Brushes and push brooms; blackboards; smoked salmon.
8:30 AMHow It's Made: Swiss Army knives; player piano rolls; oil tankers; racing wheels.
9:00 AMHow It's Made: Knee replacements; leaf springs; lavender; rivets and rivet tools.
9:30 AMHow It's Made - Skeletal Replicas, Ice Buckets & Servers, Dining Chairs, Inground Pools: Skeletal replicas; ice buckets and servers; dining chairs; in-ground pools.
10:00 AMHow It's Made - Solid State Drives; Eye Shadow; Limousines; Dead Blow Hammers: Solid-state drives; eye shadow; limousines; dead-blow hammers.
10:30 AMHow It's Made: Coconut charcoal; dial indicators; wet downdraft tables; bassoon reeds.
11:00 AMHow It's Made: Thinning shears; wagon wheels; bimini boat tops; violin bows.
11:30 AMHow It's Made - Windshields/English Saddles/Butter/Electric Guitars: Windshields; English saddles; butter; post clocks.
12:00 PMHow It's Made: CNC assembly machines; lemon tarts; miniature war figures.
12:30 PMHow It's Made: Glass bottles; hacksaws; goalie masks.
1:00 PMHow It's Made: Industrial casters; wedding cakes; Terahertz speedometers.
1:30 PMHow It's Made - Needles & Pins, Mouldings, Locomotives, Clothespins: Needles & pins; architectural mouldings; locomotives; clothespins.
2:00 PMHow It's Made: Olive oil; lift trucks; seamless rolled rings; ski boots.
2:30 PMHow It's Made: Mouth-blown window glass; water pumps; sake.
3:00 PMHow It's Made: Police badges; rum; car washes; pressure gauges.
3:30 PMHow It's Made: Footballs; electric guitar amps; marbles; propellers.
4:00 PMHow It's Made - Wood Toys, Retro Toasters and Laboratory Furnaces.: Wood toys; retro toasters; laboratory furnaces.
4:30 PMHow It's Made - Hospital Laundry; Brass Instrument Restoration; Horse Replicas; Excavation: Hospital laundry; brass instrument restoration; horse replicas; excavation.
5:00 PMHow It's Made: Mortars and pestles; bowling lane conditioners; crematories.
5:30 PMHow It's Made: Horse bits; oat cereal; turquoise jewelry; electric scooters.
6:00 PMHow It's Made - Game Calls; Mayonnaise; Razor Blades; Butterfly Safety Razors: Game calls; mayonnaise; traditional razor blades; butterfly safety razors.
6:30 PMHow It's Made: Train rails; desalinated water; racing wheelchairs; parquetry.
7:00 PMMythBusters - Flights of Fantasy: Adam and Jamie tackle two flights of fantasy.
8:00 PMMythBusters - Greatest Movie Myths
11:06 PMMythBusters - Greatest Movie Myths