9 February 2016

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11:01 PMThe Age Of Aerospace - Miracle Planes  : A look at the role American industry and planes played in the Allied victory over Germany and Japan.
12:01 AMScience Presents DNews
12:02 AMHow the Universe Works - Monster Black Hole  : Looking inside a supermassive black hole in the center of the Milky Way.
1:02 AMHow the Universe Works - Forces of Mass Construction  : Scientists attempt to understand how this strange force of magnetism works.
2:02 AMHow It's Made - Aviation Edition: Bi-planes; Bottom Rolling Hangar Doors; Bush Planes; and Flight Simulators.
2:32 AMHow It's Made - Airplane Edition: A look at how aircraft engines, seats, paintings, and cabinets are made.
3:02 AMHow It's Made: Miniature furniture, garden steam locomotives, hovercraft, folding bicycles.
3:32 AMHow It's Made - Custom Knee Braces; Air Conditioners; Window Films; Motorcycle Exhaust: Custom knee braces; air conditioners; window films; motorcycle exhaust.
4:02 AMHow It's Made: Motion-picture cameras; glass Christmas ornaments; giant tires.
4:32 AMHow It's Made - 1000th Product: Cycling shoes; yurts; marine plywood; encaustic paints.
5:02 AMHow It's Made: Aluminum boats; alpine horns; luxury watches.
5:32 AMHow It's Made: Paper umbrellas; coal; aircraft seats; urns.
6:00 AMHow It's Made: Escalators; Kevlar canoes; marble cheddar; disc music boxes.
6:30 AMHow It's Made: Stile and rail doors; steam cleaners; hand-held pizzas; power brushes.
7:00 AMHow It's Made - Rock Crushers; Fabric Lampshades; Cake Sprinkles; Steam Irons: Rock crushers; fabric lampshades; cake sprinkles; steam irons.
7:30 AMHow It's Made: Custom running shoes; axes; racing karts; animatronics.
8:00 AMHow the Earth Works - Ice Age or Hell Fire?  : Martin Pepper and Liz Bonnin look for evidence of Ice Ages in North America.
9:00 AMStrip the Cosmos - Inside the Sun  : Examine the Sun as CGI is used to strip it layer by layer and reveal its secrets.
10:00 AMStrip the Cosmos - Hunting a Comet  : Using CGI to strip comets layer by layer and uncover the secrets of these strange visitors.
11:00 AMStrip the Cosmos - Killer Asteroids  : Examine asteroids as CGI is used to peel back surfaces and strip them layer by layer.
12:00 PMStrip the Cosmos - Alien Worlds  : Using CGI to strip apart bizarre planets to uncover the secrets to extraterrestrial life.
1:00 PMStrip the Cosmos - Expedition Mars  : Using CGI to strip Mars layer by layer and study the secrets that lie beneath the Red Planet.
2:00 PMStrip the Cosmos - Secrets of the Black Hole  : Examine black holes as the are striped layer by layer to study the secrets of these hungry menaces.
3:00 PMHow the Universe Works - Planets from Hell  : Discovering an extraordinary zoo of planetary nightmares outside our own planet.
4:00 PMHow the Universe Works - Asteroids  : Asteroids shaped our past and promise much in the future.
5:00 PMHow the Universe Works - Supernovas  : Understanding large explosions called supernovas.
6:00 PMHow the Universe Works - Edge of the Solar System  : Huge magnetic bubbles millions of miles wide; strange invisible matter.
7:00 PMWhat on Earth? - Nazi Ice Fortress  : Images of earth from space show an intimate portrait of human activity.
8:00 PMWhat on Earth? - Secret of Doomsday Mountain  : Satellites find American stealth technology; something large is lurking beneath Loch Ness.
9:00 PMScience Presents DNews
9:01 PMWhat on Earth? - Lost City of the Kalahari  : Satellites locates strange spiral markings in the remote African desert.
10:01 PMWhat on Earth? - Finding Sodom  : Mike Barratt explains photographing a strange ring in the ice on the world's oldest lake.
11:01 PMWhat on Earth? - Secret of Doomsday Mountain  : Satellites find American stealth technology; something large is lurking beneath Loch Ness.