6 March 2015

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11:30 PMMartin - Blackboard Jungle Fever: Gina becomes insanely jealous when she catches Martin embracing his former teacher.
12:00 AMMartin - The Night He Came Home: A Halloween seance spooks Martin.
12:30 AMMartin - I've Got a Secret: Martin reveals a secret about Pam on the air.
1:00 AMThe Wayans Bros. - Scared Straight: Cynics Marlon and Shawn eat goodies intended for a restless spirit.
1:30 AMThe Wayans Bros. - Head of State: President Clinton may stop at Pop's diner.
2:00 AMThe Wayans Bros. - The Sting: Shawn loses his newsstand to T.C. in a poker game.
2:30 AMThe Wayans Bros. - Think Fast: Marlon and Shawn face archrivals in a basketball match.
3:00 AMThe Wayans Bros. - Farmer's Daughter: The boys turn their country cousin into a hip-hop knockout.
3:30 AMThe Wayans Bros. - Psycho Santa: A Santa-clad gunman takes the gang hostage.
4:00 AMMTV2 Music Mix: Hip hop, EDM, and Rock music videos.
5:00 AMMTV2 Music Mix: Hip hop, EDM, and Rock music videos.
6:00 AMMTV2 Music Mix: Hip hop, EDM, and Rock music videos.
7:00 AMMTV2 Music Mix: Hip hop, EDM, and Rock music videos.
8:00 AMMTV2 Music Mix: Hip hop, EDM, and Rock music videos.
9:00 AMTrue Life - I'm Famous Online: The lives of Internet celebrities are complicated by their popularity.
10:00 AMTrue Life - I'm Addicted to Video Games: An addiction to video games disrupts the lives of two young people.
11:00 AMTrue Life - I'm Addicted to the Internet: An Internet and social media obsession is encumbering the lives of three people.
12:07 PMTrue Life - I Live Another Life on the Web: Three young people embody an alter-ego online that is a stark contrast from who they are.
1:14 PMTrue Life - I'm Addicted to Caffeine: Young men and women are compelled to stay caffeinated.
2:21 PMEverybody Hates Chris - Everybody Hates Bad Boys: When Chris discovers that his crush likes ``bad boys,'' he decides to lose his ``nice guy'' image.
2:54 PMEverybody Hates Chris - Everybody Hates the Bachelor Pad: Mr. Omar agrees to look after Chris, who plans to spend some time alone with Tasha.
3:28 PMEverybody Hates Chris - Everybody Hates Houseguests: Greg is treated like royalty when he comes to stay with the family.
4:00 PMEverybody Hates Chris - Everybody Hates the New Kid: When Chris bonds with a new student at school, Greg warns him to stay far away.
4:30 PMWhat's Good
4:32 PMEverybody Hates Chris - Everybody Hates Kwanzaa: Chris must do a good deed; Julius decides to boycott Christmas in favor of Kwanzaa.
5:00 PMEverybody Hates Chris - Everybody Hates the Port Authority: Chris and his family decide to take a trip to attend the funeral of Julius' distant relative.
5:30 PMEverybody Hates Chris - Everybody Hates Earth Day: When Chris needs to come up with a school project for Earth Day, he decides to collect cans.
6:00 PMMy Wife and Kids - The Remodel: When Michael decides that hiring contractors would be too expensive, he tries to remodel the garage.
6:30 PMMy Wife and Kids - Michael Joins a Gym: When Michael finds he cannot fit into an old pair of jeans, he decides to get back in shape.
7:00 PMMy Wife and Kids - Celibacy: Jay suggests six months of abstinence will improve her and Michael's love life.
7:30 PMMy Wife and Kids - Jr.'s Cartoon: Jr.'s cartoon catches the attention of ABC executives.
8:00 PMMy Wife and Kids - Michael's Sandwich: Suspicious security guards search Michael's sandwich when he gets to the airport late.
8:30 PMMy Wife and Kids - Graduation Day: Michael tries to make Jay's college graduation a memorable occasion.
9:00 PMMy Wife and Kids - Michael Sells the Business: Michael and Jay get a lucrative offer from a large company for Kyle Trucking.
9:30 PMMy Wife and Kids - R.V. Dreams: Michael persuades his reluctant family to take a road trip to the Grand Canyon.
10:00 PMMartin - Do the Fight Thing: Martin is reluctant when Stan encourages him to invite Gina back on his show.
10:30 PMMartin - I Saw Gina Kissing Santa Claus: Martin plays Santa for Tommy's ``big brother'' program.
11:00 PMMartin - The Break-Up: Martin becomes dramatically depressed when a minor quarrel with Gina escalates into a breakup.
11:30 PMMartin - The Break-Up: Tension grows when Gina dates Pam's cousin and runs into Martin and his new girlfriend.